Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I Remember When Fishing

It is not so much about fishing, but who you are fishing with.

How I really wish I understood that 35 years ago when my dad would "bug me" about going fishing.

For the most part, the fish are never safer than the time my hook is in the water

A good fisherman doesn't keep count of what they catch. The better fisherman does that for them both.

For us, swallowing something hook, line, and sinker means we are gullible. However for a fish it means his already lousy day is about to get a whole worse

A father will take his child's line, grab the fish, allowing the ticked off fish to splatter God knows what all over him and remove the hook without hesitation. This same father the whole time is thinking quietly, gosh she's right this is gross, what the hell is getting on me and where is it coming from, and oh for crying out loud you swallowed a hook, why is it coming out there? Talk about a design flaw.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parent's View

I have not been as faithful to this blog as I thought I would be. I planned on writing several times a week and in the beginning I did so. Yet as time went on other things took priority.  I guess that is the way it should be. Perhaps if I had all the time I either needed or wanted to write it would mean that the priority's are messed up. So, maybe it is no problem at all, but rather a sign that things are as they should be. I at least hope so.

It is getting harder and harder to deny that I am getting older. My youngest just graduated from high school  and will be off attending college in the fall. She is prepared and I have no doubt she will do fine. Over the weekend there was a moment or two that all three of our children  were home. The graduate as well as her sister and brother who flew in from Richmond to surprise his sister  at her graduation. I remember when all three were much younger I would think how neat it will be to see them as young adults getting along, and enjoying each other's  company. Yet even  with all three older and doing well I can't help but think  how much I would enjoy seeing them as "kids" again.

I do enjoy watching and listening to them talk about their plans, their goals, and I cant help but take a certain pride in the people they have become. I wrote take pride, not take credit. I know I had a part, as did their mother, but I believe that in the end it really is up to them. They are the ones that make the decisions and if the decision is wrong, it is up to them to learn from whatever mistakes they may have made. They seem to have done that. I tell them, but I wonder if they really understand  how proud we are of all of them.  I certainly hope so. Now only if they would stop getting older....