Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drive Off Into The Sunset

I am a fan of the automobile industry. The US automobile industry provided the fabled good job at good wages and many a family were raised on that paycheck. That was then, and this is now. The truth is the industry for decades has manufactured cars that they wanted to sell not what the consumer wanted to buy. When Volkswagen, Toyota and Datsun (now Nissan) came onto the scene the US manufactures laughed. They were after all the big 3. Now Toyota is the worlds leading car manufacturer. You can say what you like but you cannot deny the company is well run and makes fine automobiles. More importantly in business, they make a profit.

If the big three file for bankruptcy what will happen is any body's guess. I believe they will be forced to deal with the bloated salary's, trim cost, in the case of GM drop a line or two of cars but, they will still produce automobiles. A bail out now I believe, just postpones the inevitable. They have been poorly managed for years. Chrysler was saved once and here they are now asking to be saved again. Look at the airline industry. There have been major carriers that have gone bankrupt and some gone forever. However you can still catch a flight and go anywhere you need to go. In a lot of cases you get there for less money. The US automobile industry will not go away. It is time that they take responsibility for the mismanagement of the very companies they now want us to save.

We cannot bail them out because in the end, no money is enough to save them from themselves.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

The Halloween decorations have just come down, the leaves are still on the ground and the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner has not even been bought, yet it is now officially Christmas season. Can someone explain to me how this has happened? I am not knocking Christmas, but each year it comes so much earlier than the next I am almost expecting the fourth of July fireworks to spell out Merry Christmas against the darkened sky.

Are retailers so desperate for sales they think hearing Christmas carols by Nov 1st will get you in that shopping mood. Dear retailers, your ruining the holiday. The fact is by mid December most if not all people will be tired of Christmas and will view it like a bad day at the office and hoping it ends quickly. Whatever happened to the "Christmas Season" which normally began the day after thanksgiving with the annual "lets see how many fools we can get into our store by 3am" shopping extravaganza.

It is sad to think that Christmas, perhaps the last holiday with some religious meaning for most everyone who celebrates it, has now been transformed into a giant white sale. The last holiday where everyone on that day acts just a bit different. It is perhaps old fashion to say it but we are a bit different on that day. We are a bit kinder, quicker to forgive and slower to find offense. It is one day a year but it was a special day. Now it is a reason to sell us what we can not afford to buy, and that pressure makes us forget all the meaningful things that are free.

I understand it is not going to stop. Soon the "back to school" sales will involve Christmas. Laugh now, but that day will be here soon enough. Meanwhile this third week of November my neighbor has put enough lights on his lawn to resemble a municipal airport in most towns. I can only hope he goes broke paying for this. So thank you retailers for allowing us to get this eight week jump on Christmas.

So, on this day the three wise men brought gifts. which included a fifty percent off coupon......

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Own Bailout

It has become apparent that the government has so much money they are now willing to dole it out to almost anyone that asks. So after some soul searching I have determined that I to must now apply to that government for a federal bailout. I have in the past made business decisions that many would consider on par with the management of the big three automobile manufactures, which of course means stupid.

In retrospect perhaps I can see now that the Super Deluxe Fire Eating Red Ant Farm was not going to be the comeback toy of the year in 2007. However I went with my gut and now am stuck with over six thousand of them in my basement. Big three, I can feel your pain. My ant farm inventory in not unlike your automobile inventory. They are both old in style and function and lets face it, who really wants one. I now see the ant's are the Chevy Vega of toys, except more dependable.

I did however look at the changing landscape, just as the big three did, and felt sure that the etch and sketch was going to make a big comeback in the first quarter of 2008. I reasoned that after playing on the computers and PS3 all day the young children of America would enjoy the fun and excitement of creating panoramic pictures using of course, only straight lines. How sure was I of this? I have seventeen thousand of them stashed all over my house. That's how sure I was. I feel just like the designers of the Ford 500. You remember that new and exciting automobile. It was going to change Ford. They sold less than a thousand of them after producing ten's of thousands of them. It was on the market for about a year. It did however, do as promise and helped change Ford. It gave them that giant push they needed to surpass GM on the road to bankruptcy.

I understand that many would say that this is a mess we created and we should not be bailed out. However, that kind of thinking is not going to help me get rid of the sixteen thousand Love Boat figurines currently stashed in my shed or the fifteen thousand stretchable action figures now filling my attic. Lets not consider it a bailout, but rather simply throwing money away. Like we used to when the economy was good.

This is why I appeal to the US Government to assist me and supply me with the much needed cash to reorganize my business and to retool for the future. I have exciting offerings and promise to do better. After all, do you know how much money it is going cost to market my brand new almost perfected (sorry Mr Fluffy) automatic microwave pet dryer? You can mail the check to.....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Election Day, Not a Gay Day

For many, Tues Nov 4th was a historic day. A barrier that held firm for over 230 years was not simply pushed aside it was kicked open and knocked down. In January Barack Obama will enter the white house as the first African American president. A day many thought would never come. A nation overcame real as well as perceived prejudice and did what only a couple of decades ago were thought impossible. We, as a country, have come a long way but, we still have some way to go. In 12 states anti gay marriage bans were either upheld or instituted. The voters determined that marriage must be defined as a union between a man and a woman. In many of those 12 states activist are already looking to overturn or prevent the implementation of those initiatives.

Prior to this entry I thought of creating another blog to post this. I thought it may save me from a few anticipated headaches. Those headaches I fear will be courtesy of my own relatives. Not all of them, but some. I wish to be clear here. I am not “pro” gay marriage just as I am not “pro” heterosexual marriage. My position is simply that it is not any of my business. I can understand a church being opposed or that same church refusing to marry a gay couple because it views homosexuality as a sin. I would not be in favor of any church being forced to change their beliefs or to marry any couple it chooses not to.

However, a State is not a church. A State has an obligation to make sure that one is not discriminated against. If a State cannot do that, how will the State protect any of us? Well, the critics say what is to prevent a man from marrying a dog, or a monkey? If you say marriage does not have to be defined as an act between a man and woman, well anything is possible. Now I am aware of some couples, heterosexual mind you, that in retrospect a dog or a monkey may have been the better choice. But I think the term “consenting adults” would prevent that from happening.

I understand that one can point to the bible and say that it is a sin and that is why it must not be allowed. It is the same bible that good honorable men of the south also pointed to in their attempt to justify slavery. I am not equating slavery and gay marriage I am just making an observation. I will however, close with this. In discussing slavery the future president Abraham Lincoln said “I do not understand that because I do not want a negro woman for a slave I must necessarily want her for a wife. My understanding is that I can just let her alone”

So let us try that when it comes to gay marriage. Let us leave them alone..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Little Rain Will Fall

My sister and I chatted as we made our way up to Meriden NH. While the final destination is the goal sometimes its the trip to the destination that is the most enjoyable. We chatted as we waited for the sky's to open or the sun to finally break through. For a moment it looked like it would do this then it looked like it would do that. Despite the back and forth struggle between the sun and clouds we both hoped for the best.

It was, in its own way, a bit like this past election. She was a McCain voter and I cast my ballot for Obama. She had her reasons as I had mine. In fact I found myself nodding in agreement on occasion and I think I presented enough of a case for her to wonder about her vote. The one thing we have in common is in the end, just like we do for weather, we hope for the best.

Isn't that the way it should be in this country? That in the end, no matter the outcome you hope the new President is successful. If he is successful, isn't that best for all of us? This of course excludes the Jay Severins of the world who thrive on spewing hate. He masks it by speaking to his audience of the "best and brightest". This way if you disagree or have a different opinion you are immediately discounted as not being able to understand the issues because after all, you are not among the "best and brightest". The good news in Severin's case is this; I believe that by President-elect Obama's inauguration he will be sitting in rubber room heavily medicated. In his words that, would be sweet.

However for the rest of us, no matter our vote, we hope for the best. Perhaps Obama's first term will be like today's weather. Some sun, some rain, but in the end, not a bad day at all.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our True Self

My 2 favorite quips from the election chatter has to be these two:

"It is now time for America to prove she is what she says she is"
"Perhaps, we are not as racist as we thought we were"

Isn't the second quote a great thought. That in the end, at the end of the day, the country looked for a leader. Color was not the issue, leadership was. This election will prove much to the rest of the world but I hope it proves more to us. Perhaps, just perhaps, this country is what she claims to be.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Good Night for America

It was an evening worth staying up for. The election of Barack Obama last night was an event of historical proportion. In classrooms all over this country one hundred years from now they will be watching the film clips and speeches and even that will not do the moment justice. The clips will not convey those moments of doubt, that at some point slipped into our thoughts even as we watched the vote totals climb. Around the television sat my daughter and her two close friends. To all of you who think the young voter has no clue or is disengaged from the process I invite you to have a talk with these three. They make an old political junkie proud. My wife sat there and occasionally mumbled at the results and took some gentle ribbing in good stride. She is a republican but also a fine cook. After all, no one's perfect.

Before we are told President-elect Obama won because of the black vote remember this; He received more votes from white Americans than any other Democratic candidate for President since Jimmy Carter, thirty two years ago. Barack Obama was a candidate who had good ideas, could inspire Americans to think of a better America, and a candidate who ran one excellent campaign and just happened to be black. In this election if you are the latter, the former is not that big a deal.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A vote for the Liberal

Tomorrow I will cast my vote for Barack Obama for President of the United States. In past elections I have more often than not voted on the republican side of the ballot. One of the main reasons I am casting my ballot for him is something he is often criticized about. His ability to get America to hope again. We live in a country that is not perfect in anyway. However today, if a politician points that out he is quickly and forcefully labeled anti American or his patriotism is called into question.

Barack Obama has had the nerve and audacity to suggest we are not perfect, but we could be close. It is, no matter how many ways you dissect the problem, a crime that health care is simply not available to everyone in the US. Over the years my family has suffered health care issues, some have come out ok and others have not. Each step of the way we has health care coverage to provide at least a fighting chance. As a husband and father I believe everyone deserves at least that chance. Hopefully under an Obama administration it will be available to all. I also believe that if Americans were told in order to provide it it will cost all of us ten dollars a pay check we would agree to it. Like Obama, I believe that Americans are willing to do more for the common good if only asked.

Now Obama can win and not be as successful as I hope or McCain may squeak in and becomes on of the greatest Presidents we have had. One never knows. But have after eight years of an administration that often seems adrift and detached I think it is time for a change. This is my plan for election day. I will cast a ballot for the Liberal and hope I do not need to spend the next four years saying I am sorry. Odd though, I haven't heard any republican say sorry for the last eight.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Special Place In Hell

MOGADISHU, Somalia - A 13-year-old girl who said she had been raped was stoned to death in Somalia after being accused of adultery by Islamic militants, a human rights group said.
Dozens of men stoned Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow to death Oct. 27 in a stadium packed with 1,000 spectators in the southern port city of Kismayo, Amnesty International and Somali media reported, citing witnesses. The Islamic militia in charge of Kismayo had accused her of adultery after she reported that three men had raped her, the rights group said.

Initial local media reports said Duhulow was 23, but her father told Amnesty International she was 13. Some of the Somali journalists who first reported the killing later told Amnesty International that they had reported she was 23 based upon her physical appearance.

"This child suffered a horrendous death at the behest of the armed opposition groups who currently control Kismayo," David Copeman, Amnesty International's Somalia campaigner, said in a statement Friday.


Would anyone mind, if we took these men and had the US Army use them for target practice? It is beyond my scope of reason to understand how anyone regardless of faith can see this for anything other than an act so violent, so disgusting that the world would be a safer place without these animals. I would hope that not one American dollar goes to this country for any reason. These people and their actions are beyond description and the perpetrators deserve a slow, slow death which will in fact seem like a gift compared to what awaits them once their time polluting our planet by their very existence on it, is through.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Things Are Just To Scary

Well Halloween is almost over and not an Obama or McCain mask to be seen. Perhaps even the little ghost and goblins are tired of them. This weekend thru Tuesday is the Superbowl weekend for political junkies. You will find those who will be saying McCain is about to pull off a great upset and an equal number who say it has been over since August. My guess is Obama pulls off an impressive electoral margin but McCain keeps it close in actual votes. In Mitt Romney's world that is a silver medal.

In the end, any Republican is swimming upstream in this election. An unpopular war, a President with ratings so low he must stretch to hit bottom and if that isn't enough an historic candidate on the other side. Then, just to make it interesting, the economy goes belly up. Talk about timing. McCain has made a race out of it, not a great one, but a race just the same. Who knows he may pull it off yet. The country would not be ill served with him leading the way. But if that's the case, please oh please, take care of yourself. Sarah Palin as President? Now that is a scary thought, even on Halloween.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Talk Radio, A Thing Of The past

It is a sure sign of getting old when your conversation begins with "I remember when" but alas, I am at that stage. I was raised on talk radio. I use to love the give and take and the contrary opinions of host and caller. It was the stuff that made talk radio in Boston some of the best in the country. However what passes for talk radio now, is in name only. In this historic presidential election it is difficult to listen. First the ground rules have changed. To call a station and to get on you must clearly agree with the host. Now there are some exceptions. Dan Rea of WBZ , Jim and Magery of WTKK, and even Howie Carr of WRKO (though lighter) allow those who disagree to get some time and voice their opinions. They are the exceptions.

Now in 2008 you get Jay Severin who insist that if you are one leaning towards Barack Obama you must be anti American. Following Jay is Michele McPhee who is as equally uninformed. On the am dial you get to listen to the rantings of Michael Savage. It is a long, long way from Jerry Williams, Paul Sullivan and the best of them all David Brudnoy. The problem with today's talk radio is that it is simply not entertaining. When the host is only interested in those who fully agree with him, what value is that? How does one convince someone of the other sides opinion when those with a different opinion are mocked, insulted, and called losers and such.

In Boston Jay Severin is the king of this. His show is simply, at least for now, a political ad for right wing republicans. He does get ratings. This simply means there are lemmings in every political shade. Yet is Boston served by this? Does the listener get any value from his show? When Jay talks the ins and outs of the political process he is very good. When he dissects what each candidate must do, or the states that must be won etc he is at his best. Yet with each day passing and the election getting close he has become more unglued. The code words that are used "us vs them" the "bastard factories" "the losers" say more about him than anyone he is attempting to insult.

This is talk radio? No it is not. It is an avenue for those who are simply in a position to scream, to scream. I will admit that Severin is the most frustrating, aggravating and hypocritical one out there. He speaks of "babes" every chance he gets yet does anyone realize he is a married man? He rants about MSNBC and the losers there yet was employed by that very station. He insults and mocks folks who will call into his show yet when he perceived that Don Imus was not paying attention to his "political analysis" he made a big point of announcing that he has sent a letter to Imus requesting he no longer be brought back as a guest. Jay was insulted. He is not insulted, he is a phony. Now he is screaming that we must Impeach Obama. Now I am not as politically astute as Jay, but doesn't one have to be elected and sworn in first?

Well this is my rant about talk radio. It has come a long way from Sullivan, Williams and Brudnoy. A long way for certain, but it is a long way in the wrong direction.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Michele McPhee, No Clue, No Wonder

Friday evening on my drive home I avoided an accident. I turned off WTKKK, thus reducing my chance of driving off the road. The stations Jay wannabe Michele McPhee, was speaking about the hateful tone of the presidential campaign. She was wondering why it was so hateful and the supporters so mean and nasty to one another. She should be known as the clueless one from this point on. When one caller suggested that McCain's campaign is erratic she demanded proof immediately. Then mocked the caller saying Obama supporters can never defend a position. The caller tried to explain that she did not support Obama and was, in fact, a Ron Paul supporter Michele then said how scary that was and would be on the look out for her in her South Boston neighborhood. She then, as she often does, disconnected the call.

The fact is McPhee has been screaming and screeching plain and simple lies about Obama. They seem to come from the republican talking points. It is no wonder when you call this show you get right on, I wonder if anyone is listening. Michele, if your sad about the tone of this campaign and wish to reduce the hate filled rhetoric you can help immediately, simply shut up.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Odd Thoughts and Ends

It has become apparent that the Republican Party is feeling that this election may be coming to a close. In what is seen by many as a last grasp at the prize, the Republicans are increasing the attack while sinking further into the mud. To vote for Obama is simply to vote for a terrorist. This is now the McCain line. Though the Senator will not say it out loud he has given his campaign an ok for this type of strategy. You knew it was coming and they have not disappointed.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is running his mouth off about the”test” that will come the way of the next President within six months of office. He then asks for patience in our response to their response of the crisis. Joe, you probably should not remind anyone else that the guy on the top of the ticket is a bit green behind those ears of his. Still rather have our VP than theirs. For Jay Severin fans the translation is I still would rather have the them VP than the us VP.

Jay Severin and Michele McPhee are both whining about Obama today, and Bill Ayers, and Joe the plumber, and Rev Wright etc etc etc. If you prefer Senator Obama you are a commie, socialist, enemy of the state, country, planet, and you hate dogs and cats. I haven’t heard Jay’s show today and Michele’s show is hours away, but why wait to the last minute.

Speaking of Jay, how often does he have to remind his callers that they are the “best and brightest?” Wouldn’t it hold true that if these folks were really the best and brightest, they would remember? Why is their a need to constantly remind them? I wonder how best and brightest is defined in the world of "us".

Monday, October 20, 2008

Have you no sense of decency Mr Severin?

It was in June 1954 at the height of the Army- McCarthy hearings when the head attorney for the Army after having heard enough from Senator Joseph McCarthy said to him, with sadness in his voice "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency". I believe it is time someone at WTKK ask that very question of Jay Severin.

Today Jay Severin had the audacity to say that Gen Colin Powell, because of his endorsement of Barack Obama could no longer be counted as one of those who love this country. The retired General was mocked and the man who served this country well was repeatedly referred to as "Colon" Powell. Jay also described a world without Powell. A world where the twenty two year old Powell was killed by a bomb, along with his wife. Who planted the bomb? Bill Ayers of course.

Severin is no longer a personality on the radio looking for ratings. He has transformed his show and in good measure WTKK itself into a station of hate. He is no longer asking that one supports McCain and not Obama on issues. No he is beyond that. He along with Jay wannabe Michele McPhee in the evening now use fear and hatred as a tool against Obama and his supporters. Supporters I may say, who once counted themselves among the audience. Jay often uses the "us against them" argument. If Jay represents the "us", I have never been so happy to be counted among "them".

But for Jay Severin to mock and call UN American Gen Colin Powell is simply beyond the pale. Of course he will say the endorsement was given on the sole basis of race. That is easy and falls into his "us vs them". But let me be clear. Severin is one who distorts and twist the facts to fit his right wing agenda. In the "them world" we call someone like that a liar. In the "us" world that is being one of the best and brightest. If David Duke should ever need a political consultant he can find one between 3-10 pm on WTKKK

To quote Mr Welch- "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency"

Some fresh Air for WTKK

Anyone that has read any of my post might detect a slight bias against WTKK in Boston. It is not the station as much as a couple of host who are being driven nuts by the thought of an Obama presidency. I will not mention any names (Severin and McPhee) but I think you know who I mean. To be fair I think it is about time to mention what this station has done right. Two words- Jim and Margery.

This pair can be heard each day between 12-3pm. Each day you get politics as well as local issues. You also get hard hitting pieces such as skittlegate, the infamous candy ban, and Jim's constant quest for the perfect MRI machine. The reason I enjoy them so, is that while they may disagree with each other or the callers they are not disagreeable. They provide insight with wit, style and class. They understand the issues perhaps better than anyone on the station and can discuss them without sounding like they are going to need intervention at any moment.

So if anyone has the opportunity take a listen. This is what talk radio is supposed to be.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michele McPhee, Just as Angry, Just as Wrong.

What do you do if your WTKK and you want to improve the ratings of one of your shows. It seems all you do is ask the resident right wing, paranoid and growing more out of control by the minute talk show host to leave his talking points on the desk. This allows Michele McPhee to come in, pick up the notes and simply screech into the microphone every evening from 7-10pm.

What I don't understand is that Michele was a former reporter in New York as well as Boston. She is also an author. You think that someone with that background would know how to fact check. In talk radio it is not necessary, at least not when she is screaming about Obama. A few wrong statements from last evening.

Our friend "Joe the plumber" according to Michele is licensed. On this point she nearly ripped off the head of a caller who suggested he was not. She then screamed that this was nothing but media lies. She then went on to say that he was licensed but in Ohio he does not have to be and works under his bosses license...HUH?

Bottom line is Joe the Plumber DOES NOT hold a license. It is true that it is not required and he is working above board. My point is Michele screamed "media lies" about a fact easily checked out.

Next is Obama's birth certificate. She again repeated the false statement that it has not been released. Well it has, it has been checked out by fact check.org

Then there is Bill Ayers. I simply am to tired to go into all the BS she spreads about this but I urge anyone interested to take a look at this



In the end, she can scream every night until the election but remember this, louder does not mean right.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jay Cries Again!

It appears that Jay Severin has hurt feelings. He probably right now is having his head rubbed and sipping warm milk. It seems that Don Imus simply could not fake any more interest in what this idiot has to say and that hurt little Jays feelings. Don Imus was rude to Jay and that made Jay sad. So sad in fact he dashed off a letter and asked not to be invited back on Imus in the morning. Boy, Jay must be really hurt. It appears Imus was playing computer chess while Jay was offering his thoughts. The surprise is not that Imus was playing chess but rather rather Imus did not simply fall asleep during Jay's old worn out anti Obama drivel.

Jay calls it legitimate analysis. Those of us who listen to Imus call it a good time to go grab another coffee. It seems that the hypocrisy is lost on Jay. If a caller calls into Jay's show and attempts to say anything positive about Obama he is ridiculed, mocked, and called anti American. That is on a good day. Should someone not listen to Jay, well he writes a letter and quits. Wow that will show Imus. I wonder if he will be able to fill up that time. We are talking close to thirty minutes a year.....What will he do?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Last Time

Tonight the final debate between the two presidential hopefuls take place. One last try for John McCain to right the SS McCain which has been listing terribly for a few weeks now. Will he do it? I think not. It is not that McCain is performing too badly but rather the SS McCain has run into the perfect storm of politics. He belongs to the same party has an incumbent who has no support at all. He must run "for" a war which is never a good idea as well as deal with an economy that has collapsed all around him. In addition he is running against an opponent that if elected, will become the first black president of the United States. (my apologies to Bill Clinton) It is history in the making. It simply cannot be fun to be John McCain right at this moment.

Barack Obama on the other hand must simply do as he has done, make no mistakes and appear Presidential. It is an easy task when your leading in all the polls, when your leading or gaining in every "must win" state for John McCain and your rival is pulling out of key battleground states as fast as he can. It should be an easy night for Barack Obama.

Will it be? That my friends, is up to John McCain.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Train Has Left The Tracks

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If one came to the US for the first time and viewed what has become our political process they would be sure of just one thing. Obama must be the anti Christ. Perhaps that's a bit strong so lets just say an American hating, Communist loving socialist who hangs around with terrorist planning to destroy this country and if elected will not be satisfied until he destroys America. Plus, he is a cat person.

Perhaps I exaggerate. I am not sure about the cat thing. If you listen to those who support the Palin/McCain ticket it is getting ugly out there. As Obama climbs higher in the polls the shrieks from the right get louder and more desperate. Perhaps it is partly because the economy continues to perform like an anchor on the good ship McCain. It may be they simply cannot believe that this one term Senator may actually win this thing. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is what it is. McCain represents the past. From domestic policy to defense. He stands and talks about Ronald Regan and most folks look at each other and say who? He walks around the the stage and claims "I can fix that?", or "I know how to do that". Well Senator if you can fix all the things you claim and know how to do all the things we want done, why over the last twenty six years didn't you TELL someone, anyone?

The truth is it is not about the country. It is simply about John McCain being elected. He will do anything, say anything, to make it it happen. The straight talk express derailed months ago.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Decision on the Undecided

Is it me or does anybody else wonder who these "undecided" voters really are? This campaign has been going on close to two years, between primaries and general election debates McCain and Obama have been in close to thirty of them. Your still undecided? What are you looking for either of them to say that they haven't already said. One woman on TV said "they are not speaking to me" duh! My theory is they are but you are so brain dead you simply cannot follow it.

One said "they don't get specific enough" again with a large DUH! Of course not. Did you just arrive in the United States? Is this the first time you have listened to any candidate? One said he "may sit out" the election. Please do. They are not undecided, these are the same folks that take fifteen minutes to order at McDonald's. Make a decision or move away from the counter, let those of us who have been here before take a shot at this. They are not undecided, they want their few minutes on TV. Please stay home, don't vote, and go to burger king from now on.

Now, do I want fries with that or not.....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buddy can you spare 700 Billion?

"The fundamentals of the US economy are strong" so says John McCain. Well I think my economic outlook would be a bit brighter if I could simply ask the government for a do over. I could simply explain that without it, my household may fall into crisis. Of course, once I take the money I do not need anyone to tell me what to do with it. However they must act fast or else.

As silly as my request is it pales by comparison when compared what the government is asking us to take on faith. A nearly trillion dollar bail out of companies that have shown us only two things. One, is they do give out nice bonuses and two, they pay no attention to anything else they do when it comes to anyone else's money.

I am sure the answer is somewhere in the middle. However, while they try to find that middle why does the taxpayer get it in the end.

PS. McCain wants to suspend the debate this Friday evening. After watching this I think he would be better of suspending Palins debate.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank You J-E-T-S

We all need something to be thankful for in our lives. If you’re a Patriots fan, you are thankful for the New York Jets. This past week the fan base as well as the media there had almost guaranteed a Jet win over the Patriots. The local newspapers even went as far as being almost giddy over Tom Brady’s injury. Sportsmanship, and class never a concern in NY. So the game was played yesterday and what happened? The usual thing happened when these two teams get together, The Patriots win. So to all of you Jet fans who were absolutely, positively, and without doubt, sure about a Jets win yesterday think of the bright side, you get to play Miami again.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 Tragedy Continues

In today’s America conspiracy is king. No longer do horrible things simply happen. No longer can horrible acts be the result of a lone nut or by an enemy wishing us harm. No, not in today’s America. Today marks the anniversary of one of the most tragic events ever to take place on American soil. Sept 11, 2001 started out a bright sunny day and within hours, thousands would never see another sunny morning again. Thousands more wondered how they would face any morning again without their loves ones, who simply went to work that day or happen to be on a plane that day.

Within days we knew the make up of the attack, the general plan of the attackers and the leadership of those involved. However for many the explanation was clear. The government performed this act. We can forget the facts that the administration had been in office only nine months and knowing Mr Bush he probably wasn't clear about the locations of the bathrooms in his new house, yet he somehow masterminded an attack on the people of the United States.

Now, there are groups who claim the very phone calls from the victims to their families saying goodbye while crying together, and supporting each other in heroic and wonderful ways before the end, never happened. There were no such calls, or even worse, that the calls that were made by imposter's.
How horrific is that claim? How vile and disgusting can one be?

In the end these “truth seekers” are doing what some Americans have done for centuries. They are profiting from the suffering of others. Seven years later and that crime is still going on

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It Is Official

Tom Brady hurt his thingamajig. No wait, his ACL. This means he is gone for the season. Oh well, thanks for the memories. Now it is up to the coach to show us that Brady really is just one of 53 players on the team, that no one man is the team, that this is the ultimate team sport and a bunch of other cliches. Will they win the Super Bowl? Perhaps not, but you never know. Good luck to the Pats and remember. sixteen is now the new twelve.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My God The Horror!

If anyone (besides me) reads this drivel you know I tend to write about politics or that idiot on the radio that goes without naming. (Jay Severin if you must know) But not today. There was collective groan heard around New England today at about 1:19 pm. Tens of Thousands witnessed something that really is beyond words. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots went down and grabbed his knee. MY GOD MAN, HE GRABBED HIS KNEE! He was helped off the field and did not return. Did I mention he GRABBED HIS KNEE!

Within 4 seconds my son called and wanted to know if the hit was as bad as they made it out on the radio. I am not sure if he could hear me through the sobs, but I told him it looked bad. By this time he was perhaps careening out of control on the highway. Now that I think of it I hope he is ok. Brady I mean, I'm sure my son is fine. My first thought after witnessing this horror went to my niece. I was sure her parents were medicating her and who could blame them. Did I mention BRADY GRABBED HIS KNEE! My niece is probably sitting there hugging her life size Tom Brady cutout, mumbling why football gods, why? Of course in some circumstances I would say she is being silly. But did I mention, HE GRABBED HIS KNEE!

Being from New England we know it has to be bad. Here in New England we are not by nature optimist when it comes to sports. Sure the Red Sox have won a couple championships, the Celtics just last year and of course the Patriots have won 3 in the last seven years. Some of you may see us as a glass half full kind of fan or perhaps a glass half empty type of fan. But in New England we say "take the FREAKING glass and shove it up your ***, my god HE GRABBED HIS KNEE!"
We know it has to be bad. Probably his ACL or MCL, maybe his CBS, or FBI. Perhaps its that thingamajig connected to his whatchamacallit, whatever it is it's bad.

However the real important thing to keep in mind is that the Patriots played through adversity and won. That is whats important. I mean, it is, i think, but MY GOD HE GRABBED HIS KNEE!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ooops, Republicans Did It Again!

I honestly never thought John McCain would pick a VP candidate who had so much in common with Britney Spears mom. Talk about thinking outside the box. Sarah Palins news that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant is surprising, but it is not earth shattering. As a father of three children, you become aware that things like this happen. You hope that they don't, but often hope is a close second to hormones. What can a good Republican do?

No one should be upset that Gov Palins daughter is going to have a baby. If you want to be upset, think of the hypocrisy being dished out over the last few days. There are a lot of words being thrown around like compassion, courage, strength when speaking about the Governor’s daughter. That is not the problem. The problem lies in the treatment, by those very same people praising this young girls “courage”, of other 17 year old girls who find themselves in the same predicament. Girls not so fortunate to have a future VP as a mom. The kind of girls where having a baby even at 17 may be the highlight of their life. These girls are not often said to have courage by the republicans. Girls from the side of the track where a mom and dad in the same home is about as common as a vacation in the Hampton’s. The republicans don’t want to discuss this type of girl.

This is the real sadness when talking about teen’s becoming moms. It is not a Governors daughter that needs all the attention and words of encouragement. They are nice, but not needed. It’s all the other girls who the republicans generally don’t give a dam about. Those girls who don't have a governor for a mom. Those are the one's they should worry about.

I wonder if Palins will have a baby shower. I wonder, what does go with hypocrisy?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Jay Severin Political Consultant, No Seriously

Well Jay Severin from WTKK has talked himself in off the ledge and proclaims John McCain's running mate a great candidate. He also states that she is wholly unqualified to be the Vice President, but in Jays world that is ok. For weeks he claims that no one but Mitt Romney will save the McCain ticket. That is until today. You can say Obama is unqualified but he did win the primary. Severin will say the only reason he won it is because he is black. Be that as it may, he did win it.

You see in Jays world the only thing that matters is that Obama loses. It is fine that McCain picked a person who two years ago was mayor of a town of nine thousand people. It is fine that she is simply not ready for the job. It does not matter. On Michael Graham's show Jay was not a happy camper as his man, Mitt, was not the chosen one. But a few hours later it does not matter. She is now an asset to John McCain. True by his own admission he really did not think of her at all. How can this be? How can Jay, who knows all, be blindsided like this?

It is simple, Jay is an idiot. With all the political savvy he has demonstrated over the last few months it is no wonder he is no longer political consultant. Lets recap. Mitt is the best man and a formidable candidate. Obama is an empty suit. The nomination is Hillary's. Hillary as a plan to steal the nomination. Obama has already selected Hillary as his VP. Romney is the only choice....need I say more.

I would have thought in his first important decision McCain would have picked one who is qualified to be President and not a cheap grab at the female voter. But if he wins she will only be the Vice President. Why worry? Oh by the way, Happy 72nd birthday Mr McCain.

Poor John McCain

Poor John McCain. The Senator from Arizona who has the ability of making every speech he gives sound like a stock report must be a bit uncomfortable today. After eight years of waiting he finally secures the nomination and now must run against a man, who is perhaps the best orator since Regan. Say what you will about Obama, love him or hate him, the man can deliver a speech. Going into yesterdays speech everyone was wondering if he bit off a bit more than he could chew. Invesco field, seventy five thousand seats, columns, all that was going against him. Then for fun add in the element of not knowing if the weather would wreck havoc and simply make the whole thing laughable. No such luck for the republicans. After all, this is Obama.

During this campaign Obama had been called a light weight. Long on dreams and hope but short on substance. In the air the kite flies high but on the ground there is not much to it. This is the Obama the republicans want us to see. Last night, we got to see another Obama. The speech was perfect as was the balance of it all. He offered us a vision of the future but also showed us he was aware of the reality. He was not, despite what McCain wants us to believe some light weight on that stage last night. He tore into McCain and set the tone for the final days of this campaign. He set the agenda. He mocked the silliness of the ads that have been run against him. The is serious business and last night he was very serious.

He is not perfect, but he is more right than wrong. Could you ever imagine that in the United States, our politicians would be holding hearings on the right to torture. Debating if one act is or is not torture, but merely an "interrogation technique". I believe if your not sure if it is torture or not, you probably should stop. I think Bill Clinton had one of the best lines of the convention when he said the world has always been impressed not by our examples of power, but rather the power of our example.

This election does offer us a stark choice. For those of us who follow politics like a sport, it is an exciting time. Last night in Denver, Obama proved he was not "all sizzle and no steak". There is a great amount of meat on this candidate. He took a chance on the venue and hit a home run. Last night Obama proved that not only can a democrat take a punch, he can hit back, and hit back hard. It is now a campaign, and a campaign about issues, real issues, is the last thing that the republicans want. Poor John McCain.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


While taking a few days off from watching politics I realized I somehow made an error. It appears that the event being held in Denver next week is the Clinton National Convention and not the Democratic National Convention. You have Bill speaking, Hillary not only speaking but her name going into nomination and receiving a roll call vote, plus Chelsea is also speaking. My understanding is the Clinton's gardener and housekeeper are looking for open spots. Barack, that soft mushy spot you feel in your back is where your spine evidently has been removed.

I understand Hillary's need for "closure" fine, I get it. But to hijack a convention so easily without any opposition is simply unbelievable. Why not simply give them one night and not stretch this out over three. Let Bill make a speech, introduce Chelsea, who introduces her mother and then be done with it. If this is what Barack means by a "new type of politician" give me the old type any day. Can you imagine in 92 someone asking the Clinton's to do what they are asking Obama to do? It would not happen.

If this is Barack's way of showing us he can negotiate, and is not afraid of compromise, the guys in the Kremlin must be salivating. It makes him look weak and unable to control the nomination process that he won. McCain is an old war horse for sure. But no one can look at him and say he is weak. What Barack does have going for him is that we can also look at McCain and believe he may be willing to start a war over poor room service on his first trip abroad as President.

Well Barack, it is time to as they say, grow a set. Tell Hillary and the rest of the Clinton gang that the nomination fight is over and it is now your show. Be a man and do not back down. Tell them this is your party now and the time to move on is now. If, of course, you want to do this by phone, we understand. We are mad, but we are not foolish. Maybe you could get Sen McCain to speak to them for you. You know, grown up to grown up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What About Those LEFT Behind.

As you read, my experience with the Democratic Underground did not last long. When I questioned HRC I was marked a troll and banished. It is something that I will get over. However It did make me think about what we see and know of Obama. Some of the postings make his old Pastor Rev Wright seem like a middle of the road moderate. There appears a left wing of the party that is almost crazed in their disdain for America.

I will not be accused, or should not be, accused of being a right wing fanatic. Most of my opinions have shifted to a spot some where to the left of the center line. I am however, unlike a lot of the posters on that site, still on the road. I begin to wonder how much does the candidate, any democratic candidate, share the opinions of this group. They could never state them but could there exist among them an agreement of silent approval. If so, the recent Democratic Presidential candidates need look no further than that for their losses.

When a site bans you from questioning Hillary, yet allows the vile postings about John McCain it makes you wonder what the their agenda is. Truth seems not to be an issue. Nor does politics seem to be held in high regard. There is a lot of paranoia on the Democratic Underground. There also is, to be fair, some posters who are thoughtful and seem to know of what they post. They are though, few and far in between.

It is unlikely I will be going back to that site any time soon. I will have to be satisfied with my viewing of MSNBC for my left of center leanings. I do now wonder though every time I see Obama who should concern me. The surrogates I see up front doing all the talking or the silent left behind Obama.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Democratic Underground: Anything but Democratic

I have been banned from the democratic underground website for the following post:

My Mistake! HRC How can we miss you if you wont go away!

I thought HRC should be added to the ticket to help Obama go After McCain. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING! Now I am thinking PLEASE somebody get the Clinton's to shut up. HRC may allow her name to go in nomination? Lord do they understand what losing is? She was a great candidate BUT she ran a campaign that allowed Obama to do what he did..WIN! Forget who you support. I am simply ticked that there seems to be two sets of rules. One for Democrats and another for Clinton's. Get over it already...This is the surest way of electing McCain. If it is good for the Country well fine, but if it is not good for the Clinton's watch out. Enough with how your voters were treated. You were the hands down favorite and LOST. It was a function of the campaign you chose to run. MOVE ON !

It seems that I have violated some rule they have and honestly they have a lot. You see on the Democratic underground website you have to drink all the kool aid. Being a Democrat simply isn't enough. My post was in reaction to the idea that Hillary may allow her name to be placed in nomination in Denver. This will do nothing but hurt Barack Obama's chance in Nov. Some folks joked about the post stating we were picking on Edwards now. Some were horrified that I insulted Hillary and was dragging her through the mud. Despite the mixed response I was banned. I have asked to be reinstated but like the old saying goes "if the phone don't ring you will know it's me."

What is so insulting about this is if you wish to rant that the republicans, all of them are evil sob's that is fine. If you want to say John McCain spent his pow years in the Bahamas that will not get you banned. If you want to swear and post comments with language you thought only came out of a sailor's mouth, no problem. But if you insult the Clinton's, or "promote comments to inflame, or be divisive", poof your gone. Though they don't tell you why they may consider your comments such. If you want to get banned use Baracks middle name, or threaten to vote for a third party candidate-your gone. Does not sound very democratic to me.

That my underground web site is the problem. The mission is to elect Democrats, and I can appreciate that. However there has to be room for debate. Sometimes in debates comes frustration. If one cannot post a bit of frustration among folks who are suppose to be of the same ilk, where can one go? What is so sacred among the Democratic party or its candidates that it cannot appreciate good old fashion debate. Banning me was the same thing as taking your ball and going home. It is a BS move. It is weak. It demonstrates that rather than debate (or ignore) you pout. If I am an idiot in one post, Ignore it. But to ban me because the above post"offends someone" is silly.

Well that is my predicament. I can hope to be allowed back on though I think I have violated a super double secret probation code. I do hope I am reinstated because it is an interesting website with some good insight and some very funny folks. But Dem's we have to lighten up. If your this sensitive to criticism, and mean to things you don't like well that makes you, well, like John McCain.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

$&#^$*^#%$ Email

Today my office changed its email from one we have been using for many years to another service. The company gave out simple instructions on what needed to be done by us employees, to make sure the transition went well. These instructions were spoon fed to us over a few days and in small manageable doses. They set up help desk for questions and had our IT dept available for help. They did everything they could to make it a success. This of course means, it has been hell.

I do not mind change. I welcome the updated technology and the benefit it can bring. I want the latest, fastest, piece of equipment that is available. I just want it to look, run, and act as my old one. If there is any problems we could always call the help desk. Our help desk is probably like the help desk in your company. They answer the phone, put you on hold, come back on to let you know they are working on the problem, and offer to call you back. Which they do, usually about three hours after you have solved the problem. No our luck has not been with our help desk, but our intern Paula. She is a recent graduate here for the summer. For the last three hours she has been answering questions, helping configure things that, well, just need configuring, and other technical stuff like that.

What I did notice was the look. As she answered the most basic questions I had, there appeared a look, a cross somewhere between “I am more than happy to help, and “move the dam cursor to the left, no your other left, you senile old fool.” I know I deserved the look, hell if she got my email running she could stomp on my toes for all I cared. She was being peppered with questions from all directions and to her credit she answered each one and in fact got us all up and running.

I don’t know if anyone fully understands what Paula does here. Hell, if twenty years from now I find out she was stealing company secrets and trading them for unmarked Tens and Twenties I would be surprised but still grateful to her. At least now, I could email someone the news.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is Obama Just another Dem?

For much of the last year we have come to believe that perhaps, just perhaps, Barack Obama was not just another politician. He was, despite few years of experience, someone different. He looked, spoke and acted differently. He was the right man at the right time for the right reasons. He was going to be the next President. He ran a masterful campaign against one of the most talented, well funded primary candidate's to come down the road in a long time. He defeated a Clinton. He was destined to be President. Then again, Hillary Clinton was destined to be the Democratic nominee and we know how well that turned out.

If Obama is going to win he must strike back. Sen John McCain has decided that the way to beat Obama is to have America become afraid of Obama and portray him as an empty suit. Dear Senator Obama, it is working. If the plan of the Democrats is to portray McCain as nothing but a third term of George Bush then they must treat McCain as a quasi incumbent. Obama must go after him at every opportunity. If McCain wants ten town hall meetings, suggest twenty. The site of Obama on stage with McCain is a win for Obama. Do not believe the polls, run as if you are ten points down.

By saying no to the town hall meetings you fall into the trap of appearing weak, a candidate who is afraid of the heavy lifting a campaign requires. McCain does not want you at the town hall meetings. He wants you to say no. This is to his advantage. Just as your declining, no matter how savvy the reason is again, advantage McCain. Bill Clinton survived his campaign and eight years in office by hitting back at his opponents, hard and often.

You must hit back and challenge McCain at each and every opportunity. Suggest a bus tour together if you must, but follow him and go after him. If not, you will be just another Democrat running for President. We all know how those elections usually turn out.

Friday, August 1, 2008

So Long Manny

Just like a couple who has decided it simply isn't working anymore the Red Sox and The hall of fame left fielder have separated. Manny will now get to practice his Manny being Manny routine in LA. Good Luck. While I think most of us in Boston agree the trade had to be made, It is tough to see this relationship end. That being said the sox have a history of making the right decision when it comes to this level of player. We may all miss Pedro and Nomar, but no one can say they have been better players since leaving the sox.

I think the avg fan understands that a player, despite making millions of dollars could have problems with a team. However that same fan also thinks YOUR MAKING TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHUT UP AND PLAY. Not to worry folks we to will get over this. I wonder if this weekend Manny is going to look at his uniform and think "Hey man I'm not on the Sox, what the .....".

We will continue to watch the Red Sox or as my wife calls them, "her boys". When you have players like big Papi, Mike Lowell, Dustin Pedroia, and the rest of this line up that alone is reason to watch. So if there are alot of you fans in a depression this morning, saddened by the loss of Manny, remember it could always be worse. Trust me I know, I'm a Bruins fan.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guantanamo High?

It was in the news yesterday that a Texas high school is going to have students who break the dress code wear a blue jumpsuit for the day. Let me write that another way, blue prison jumpsuit for the day. One school member said that it's "worth a try because it's a way to keep the district's conservative values intact".

Really? Prison garb for a dress code violation. Interesting concept. Perhaps a school chain gang for gum chewers is next. What kind of value system puts high school students in prison clothes for a dress code violation? Oh wait, GWB lives in Texas correct? I guess the kids are lucky they are not being sent to some unnamed high school for questioning! Is the name of this school Guantanamo High School? http://www.local6.com/education/17035594/detail.html

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jay Predicts Banking Crisis

I promised myself I was not going to mention Jay Severin again. OK I also promised I would lay off ice cream. I was captivated today for a minute or two listening to Jay. (Nausea sets in about 15 mins) Jay stated today he predicted this banking crisis in 1987. Twenty-one years ago. Man he is good. What led him to this prediction was seeing an ad in the paper for a bank that stated "equal opportunity lender" and well "we all know what that means". You see according to Jay ninety-six percent of Americans pay their mortgage on time, and we all know who the four percent are.

Jay believes that equal opportunity lender is code for you must lend to people who do not have the means to pay it back. In other words according to Jay, minorities. In Jays world the idea that someone who is more than able to handle a loan may be denied because of race, or sexual orientation, simply doesn't exist. He saw this problem twenty one years ago. His show is full of him saying how he predicted this or that ten years or twenty years ago. I wonder if he finds it difficult to talk and pat himself on the back at the same time.

Jay is also very happy that McCain came out and said he is against affirmative action. (Though with Mac you don't know if he speaking for the campaign) Because in Jays world if you are for it, you are a racist. Jays world is a simple place. It is a black and white world. Perhaps, just perhaps, a black or white world, is more accurate.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gunman Hated Liberals

I was recently taken to task by a poster at another site who stated that this crime was a result of the policies of the church and there liberal leanings. I suggested Jesus was liberal. I was informed that he may have been, but not on issues that are facing America in 2008. Things like prostitution, gay marriage, euthanasia, abortion, higher taxes etc.

It is true that Jesus did not have to deal with these issues. I would not be brave enough to venture a guess on how he would. I can however, be certain he would not have killed innocent people to get his point across. Those that invoke God's name in violence such as this are simply wrong. Has human life become so cheap that we will now murder for our political beliefs? For different points of view? In a church? Has politics gone so haywire that we are now consumed by those we disagree with to the point of murder?

The whole country should be outraged at this act. It is not a blue state or red state issue. The people of Tennessee have been through enough. Let this church mourn for its members and pray for the injured. Do not suggest that they now pray to the very God who condoned this action.

Where is todays RFK?

The day after Martin Luther King died Senator Robert Kennedy gave a brief speech where he spoke about the "Mindless Menace of Violence" in America. As I read the speech I thought how different America is today. Not in the sense that we have solved the problem. Rather, a politician running for President, had the courage to give this speech. It was either uncommon courage or they were uncommon times. As you read the speech ask yourself If Obama gave this speech today, what would the reaction be?

We live in a time where a politician cannot offer us anything beyond what we see. If they speak of hope, peace, love, things that must be dreamed of, they are mocked. If a leader ask us to dream of a better America talk radio rails and hurls insults for days. Follow the link and read the speech. What politician today would give this speech? I think most would not. That is a sad sad commentary on this country today. We have moved great great distances since 1968. But, which direction have we moved?


Sunday, July 27, 2008

WRKO Savaged Again (and again..and again..)

Is on air talent so hard to find for WRKO? Is the Michael Savage show such an income producer that the host credibility or the audience he insults is simply of no concern to this once proud station? It was about two years ago when the Savage show nearly caused me to drive off the road as he explained that there is no such thing as Tourette syndrome. He went on to explain it was a disease invented by the pharmaceutical companies in order to “push treatments”.

Now he has taken on Autism. It is simply a parenting issue. Parents of these children he claims, or 99% of them, should simply tell their children to “knock it off” according to Mr. Savage. This will solve the problem. Thank you Michael. Perhaps we can take that a step further and apply the Savage method to other medical issues. You have chest pain? Just yell stop! Think of the healthcare savings!

The question here is why does WRKO continue to let this fool on the air? Does WRKO care about the audience at all? RKO of course, will do nothing. It perhaps has figured out that in order to insult an audience, or even care about an audience, you have to have an audience. When was the last time RKO had that?

Friday, July 25, 2008

No Limit to Jay's Hypocrisy

I think it is easy to understand Jay Severin when you realize who he is. He was a political consultant who helped candidates lose all over the country. That however is not the point. In his past job he was used to spinning anything. Yesterday he said that it is not something to be proud of if you are Barack and you win because most voters are voting against the republicans and not really voteing FOR Obama. PLEASE. As a consultant I am sure he did not give a dam about why his candidate won. (In his case hypothetically of course) But now according to Jay that is something that should concern the Obama folks.

For months during the primary season he railed against McCain because of his "pro war" view. Now he rails against Obama's plan to at least develop a plan, and get us out of the war. The most important thing was for this war to end, according to the POJ. (pre Obama Jay) He cried out against our occupation of Iraq and in fact went as far as suggesting using nukes against them in order to win quickly and then leave. Yesterday he was screaming about Obama being the cause of our soldiers being shot in the back as they leave. I am getting dizzy.

Now I know some of you may think I have something against Jay Severin. I really have no more against him than I have against any other race baiting hater.

Some of you may remember the "dean of radio" Jerry Williams. As opinionated as anyone yet somehow those who disagreed were not called losers and wimps. Boston has had great radio talk show host who loved when someone called to challenge their opinion. They discussed, sometime argued but always (or so it seems) there was a "thank you for calling". Gene Burns of RKO fame, or perhaps the best ever in town David Brudnoy, all with strong views, but always welcomed the opposition. They were not afraid to discuss the opposite view. After Brudnoy passed away Paul Sullivan filled his shoes with style, class and again no fear of those who disagreed. Theirs where shows that catered to those who would call and not say "hey man your the best, or I agree with everything". That unfortunately is a requirement for a Severin caller.

So if your tired of the old same thing turn the dial. If you like talk radio there are great alternatives. Even on Severin's station the host are fine. Michael Graham is as opinionated as Jay about Obama but it is not "all Obama all the time". Oh by the way, Jay kicked me out of "his country" yesterday. I'm over it. First no longer the best and brightest and now banished from Jay's country. Talk about a bad week. That is about all I care to write about this fat headed, bigot. The other thing Jay loves to attack is MSNBC. Want to bet were Jay last worked? How do you spell hypocrisy in three letters? J-A-Y. Go sox!

Best and Brightest No More

It was bound to happen. All good things must come to an end. How long can one expect to be the best and brightest?. Best, sure. We can all be the best at something, at least for a little while. Brightest? I will admit there were times I was. But to be one of the best and brightest, together. Wow that was something.

But alas, I am no longer one of them. Jay Severin has told me so. I will admit the realization of this fact was hard. I listened to his show daily (WTKK, Bston) and nodded my head in agreement when he made profound political statements like "Hillary is Fat or Hillary is going to win" or "McCain is a liberal". But somehow, somewhere the magic wore off. I began to think for myself, in Jay's world that is a crime. That may have been the start of my down fall. I thought at times Jay sounded like an idiot, a racist. But no, it must be me, it has to be me. Perhaps I cannot understand a man who won a Pulitzer. (OK maybe not a real one, but he must have got that confused with something else, How many times have you done that? Honey I won a Pulitzer, oh wait, my mistake) A man who made his bones in the political world. He is after all a political genius. I know he is. He said it. It must be true.

The final straw was when I began to look at Obama as a real alternative. Jay would have none of it. If you like Obama you must be an American hating, wussy. Not a super manly man, an American man like Jay. A man who hits on every female caller with a heart beat. ( I'm sure the wife don't mind at all) Plus I began to have thoughts that Jay found offensive and evil. Sick thoughts, thoughts I could never mention and still be one of the best and brightest. I felt ashamed. Thoughts like health care for everyone, and end to the Iraq war, and oh forgive me Jay, maybe just maybe, an equal opportunity for everyone. Oh the Shame!

I know now I am no longer one of the best and brightest. I have done the one thing that Jay will find no forgiveness for, something so vile he will simply not stand for it. I have started to question Jay!