Saturday, August 9, 2008

Democratic Underground: Anything but Democratic

I have been banned from the democratic underground website for the following post:

My Mistake! HRC How can we miss you if you wont go away!

I thought HRC should be added to the ticket to help Obama go After McCain. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING! Now I am thinking PLEASE somebody get the Clinton's to shut up. HRC may allow her name to go in nomination? Lord do they understand what losing is? She was a great candidate BUT she ran a campaign that allowed Obama to do what he did..WIN! Forget who you support. I am simply ticked that there seems to be two sets of rules. One for Democrats and another for Clinton's. Get over it already...This is the surest way of electing McCain. If it is good for the Country well fine, but if it is not good for the Clinton's watch out. Enough with how your voters were treated. You were the hands down favorite and LOST. It was a function of the campaign you chose to run. MOVE ON !

It seems that I have violated some rule they have and honestly they have a lot. You see on the Democratic underground website you have to drink all the kool aid. Being a Democrat simply isn't enough. My post was in reaction to the idea that Hillary may allow her name to be placed in nomination in Denver. This will do nothing but hurt Barack Obama's chance in Nov. Some folks joked about the post stating we were picking on Edwards now. Some were horrified that I insulted Hillary and was dragging her through the mud. Despite the mixed response I was banned. I have asked to be reinstated but like the old saying goes "if the phone don't ring you will know it's me."

What is so insulting about this is if you wish to rant that the republicans, all of them are evil sob's that is fine. If you want to say John McCain spent his pow years in the Bahamas that will not get you banned. If you want to swear and post comments with language you thought only came out of a sailor's mouth, no problem. But if you insult the Clinton's, or "promote comments to inflame, or be divisive", poof your gone. Though they don't tell you why they may consider your comments such. If you want to get banned use Baracks middle name, or threaten to vote for a third party candidate-your gone. Does not sound very democratic to me.

That my underground web site is the problem. The mission is to elect Democrats, and I can appreciate that. However there has to be room for debate. Sometimes in debates comes frustration. If one cannot post a bit of frustration among folks who are suppose to be of the same ilk, where can one go? What is so sacred among the Democratic party or its candidates that it cannot appreciate good old fashion debate. Banning me was the same thing as taking your ball and going home. It is a BS move. It is weak. It demonstrates that rather than debate (or ignore) you pout. If I am an idiot in one post, Ignore it. But to ban me because the above post"offends someone" is silly.

Well that is my predicament. I can hope to be allowed back on though I think I have violated a super double secret probation code. I do hope I am reinstated because it is an interesting website with some good insight and some very funny folks. But Dem's we have to lighten up. If your this sensitive to criticism, and mean to things you don't like well that makes you, well, like John McCain.

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melonkali said...

Just got banned from DU myself. I'd gotten up to over 60 posts, some with "recs" (recommendations), when I made the mistake of posting a view held by some liberals, Bill Maher for one, that we should use the Lieberman situation as an opportunity to show our bipartisanship and desire for unity.

I quickly received over 144 responses -- all but one of them nothing but crude, hateful, foul mouthed insults, mostly of the one-or-two liner variety, directed at me (there WERE a few directed more at my post and at Mr. Lieberman than at me, but still of the same unsubstantive, crude variety). Clearly there was no room for reasoned debate here.

Then the final post appeared: "This thread is locked. This troll is no longer among us."

Troll?! Me!? I was marching with Dr. King and protesting 'Nam before most of the DUers were born. I've devoted decades to liberal political activism -- often in some very unfriendly climates -- and I have the scars to prove it. Not to be too self-aggrandizing, I don't claim to be a political expert, but I am careful to do research on any issue I adopt -- just as any responsible citizen should -- so most of my posts are substantive, perhaps at times controversial, but never "trollish".

While I have appealed to return to DU, in the meantime I've found another board -- -- which specifically prohibits unsubstantive negatives or attacks, especially those of the one-liner type. Even if reinstated to DU, I'll probably just hang out at PoFo.