Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Good Night for America

It was an evening worth staying up for. The election of Barack Obama last night was an event of historical proportion. In classrooms all over this country one hundred years from now they will be watching the film clips and speeches and even that will not do the moment justice. The clips will not convey those moments of doubt, that at some point slipped into our thoughts even as we watched the vote totals climb. Around the television sat my daughter and her two close friends. To all of you who think the young voter has no clue or is disengaged from the process I invite you to have a talk with these three. They make an old political junkie proud. My wife sat there and occasionally mumbled at the results and took some gentle ribbing in good stride. She is a republican but also a fine cook. After all, no one's perfect.

Before we are told President-elect Obama won because of the black vote remember this; He received more votes from white Americans than any other Democratic candidate for President since Jimmy Carter, thirty two years ago. Barack Obama was a candidate who had good ideas, could inspire Americans to think of a better America, and a candidate who ran one excellent campaign and just happened to be black. In this election if you are the latter, the former is not that big a deal.

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