Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How About a Deal With a Good Doctor?

Well you might as well to send the scientist home and keep all room available for the rescue equipment and supplies. The reason I say this is usually after a disaster such a Haiti experienced scientist arrive to evaluate the chances for more damage as a result of after shocks or perhaps another quake itself. In Haiti there is a lot of concern about a possible Tsunami.

Apparently they need not fear any of this. It only took a day but the cause of this tragedy that cost upwards of 100,000 lives and millions more displaced has been figured out and not by any scientist but by the good ole Rev Pat Robertson.

It seems according to Pat that this was the result of a deal between some Haitians long ago and the devil in order to gain independence from the French. Yes, you read that right the Devil. Well thank you Pat. Now if you said the deal was between the devil and Pat Ryan’s New York Jets, well I could sort of buy that. However if your God would allow all this destruction on a people who had no part in any deal (real or imagined) well, that is a God I care not to know. I think Pat’s claim shows what happens to a man who desperately wants to be relevant again.

Now if a deal could be struck to get Pat the help he obviously needs…….

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