Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome To The Senate

Scott Brown was not even twelve hours post election and already Keith Olbermann has decided he is a homophobic, racist. He also apologized for not calling him a sexist and for not going after Brown earlier in the campaign.
He also likened his election to the racism of the early sixties. Obviously he neglected to check in with our Governor about all the racism here and it must have skipped his mind that Obama still gets high marks in this state. Why allow facts mess up a good rant.

Does he really think by going after Scott Brown earlier he would have made a difference? Seriously does anyone think Olbermann makes a difference in anything he talks about. After all he is on MSNBC. That station is about one step above infomercials for the sham wow in total viewers.

This may be good for MSNBC though. If Olbermann can go so far and fast of the deep end over one election think of the possibilities in the next election cycle. MSNBC may get viewers watching just waiting to see if his head will explode on air. Now that would be good TV. Not great TV, but it is MSNBC after all. They decided great TV was not their goal the moment they put Olbermann on the air.

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