Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I Remember When Fishing

It is not so much about fishing, but who you are fishing with.

How I really wish I understood that 35 years ago when my dad would "bug me" about going fishing.

For the most part, the fish are never safer than the time my hook is in the water

A good fisherman doesn't keep count of what they catch. The better fisherman does that for them both.

For us, swallowing something hook, line, and sinker means we are gullible. However for a fish it means his already lousy day is about to get a whole worse

A father will take his child's line, grab the fish, allowing the ticked off fish to splatter God knows what all over him and remove the hook without hesitation. This same father the whole time is thinking quietly, gosh she's right this is gross, what the hell is getting on me and where is it coming from, and oh for crying out loud you swallowed a hook, why is it coming out there? Talk about a design flaw.