Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A lonely Death.

It must have been a lonely death. No family or friends nearby holding your hand as you escaped the suffering of this world quietly slipping into the next. No chance to look at those around you to see how you are so deeply loved. The road to death are many yet the destination is the same. In her case it must have been so, so terribly lonely.

I wonder if God was in that closet that day? Did God himself, the one who gave us all free will say "no child, not this". Did even he shake his head? There is a country song (of course there is)that has the following line; "How do you make the call that having no life at all is better than the one that you have"

A young girl bullied and tormented daily decided that no life was indeed better than the one that she had. The tormentors have circled the wagons and now have lawyers. The school where this took place daily is promising punishment. Punishment? What punishment could be handed out that would be just? Detention? Suspension? How do you punish them? The fact is, there is no punishment. Everyone who knew what was going on, who had a chance to stop it, a chance to end it, sadly did nothing.

Perhaps looking in the mirror every day, knowing you where the cause of a promising young lady who, looking to end the pain and torment you inflicted, saw only one way to end it. Alone in the closet. If that gives you pain and sadness, every day, then I for one hope you live for a hundred years.

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