Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I Remember When Fishing

It is not so much about fishing, but who you are fishing with.

How I really wish I understood that 35 years ago when my dad would "bug me" about going fishing.

For the most part, the fish are never safer than the time my hook is in the water

A good fisherman doesn't keep count of what they catch. The better fisherman does that for them both.

For us, swallowing something hook, line, and sinker means we are gullible. However for a fish it means his already lousy day is about to get a whole worse

A father will take his child's line, grab the fish, allowing the ticked off fish to splatter God knows what all over him and remove the hook without hesitation. This same father the whole time is thinking quietly, gosh she's right this is gross, what the hell is getting on me and where is it coming from, and oh for crying out loud you swallowed a hook, why is it coming out there? Talk about a design flaw.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parent's View

I have not been as faithful to this blog as I thought I would be. I planned on writing several times a week and in the beginning I did so. Yet as time went on other things took priority.  I guess that is the way it should be. Perhaps if I had all the time I either needed or wanted to write it would mean that the priority's are messed up. So, maybe it is no problem at all, but rather a sign that things are as they should be. I at least hope so.

It is getting harder and harder to deny that I am getting older. My youngest just graduated from high school  and will be off attending college in the fall. She is prepared and I have no doubt she will do fine. Over the weekend there was a moment or two that all three of our children  were home. The graduate as well as her sister and brother who flew in from Richmond to surprise his sister  at her graduation. I remember when all three were much younger I would think how neat it will be to see them as young adults getting along, and enjoying each other's  company. Yet even  with all three older and doing well I can't help but think  how much I would enjoy seeing them as "kids" again.

I do enjoy watching and listening to them talk about their plans, their goals, and I cant help but take a certain pride in the people they have become. I wrote take pride, not take credit. I know I had a part, as did their mother, but I believe that in the end it really is up to them. They are the ones that make the decisions and if the decision is wrong, it is up to them to learn from whatever mistakes they may have made. They seem to have done that. I tell them, but I wonder if they really understand  how proud we are of all of them.  I certainly hope so. Now only if they would stop getting older....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Feel Safer

It is not to often you come across a story that makes you think "boy this country has got it's act together". Well for all of you who doubt this governments ability to protect us in the sky follow a this link. Your tax dollar at work!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A lonely Death.

It must have been a lonely death. No family or friends nearby holding your hand as you escaped the suffering of this world quietly slipping into the next. No chance to look at those around you to see how you are so deeply loved. The road to death are many yet the destination is the same. In her case it must have been so, so terribly lonely.

I wonder if God was in that closet that day? Did God himself, the one who gave us all free will say "no child, not this". Did even he shake his head? There is a country song (of course there is)that has the following line; "How do you make the call that having no life at all is better than the one that you have"

A young girl bullied and tormented daily decided that no life was indeed better than the one that she had. The tormentors have circled the wagons and now have lawyers. The school where this took place daily is promising punishment. Punishment? What punishment could be handed out that would be just? Detention? Suspension? How do you punish them? The fact is, there is no punishment. Everyone who knew what was going on, who had a chance to stop it, a chance to end it, sadly did nothing.

Perhaps looking in the mirror every day, knowing you where the cause of a promising young lady who, looking to end the pain and torment you inflicted, saw only one way to end it. Alone in the closet. If that gives you pain and sadness, every day, then I for one hope you live for a hundred years.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Left Field of Left

For the past several nights I have been watching MSNBC to see the meltdown that Keith Olbermann has been having about the newly elected Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown. In that quest I happened to catch two other shows; one being Chris Matthews (anything but) Hardball and the Rachel Maddow Show. It is nice to know that the ability to look foolish is not simply an Olbermann trait.

As his guest Chris Matthews had the authors of the recently Published book "Game Change" about the 2008 presidential election. Chris was quite stunned he said to read that John Edwards reads nothing. This statement came from Elizabeth Edwards. No newspapers, no magazines, or anything one might think a man running for President may look at. Chris went on to recall how when he travelled with Edwards on his campaign bus he noticed a lack of newspapers, or periodicals of any type. Then he wanted to know why the American people were unaware of such a thing. Unaware that a man running for the highest office in the land is in fact, an empty suit. The authors agreed with his assessment and went on to talk about Edwards lack of understanding of even the most basic issues. How could this have happened?

It was at this point I thought I may start screaming at my television set, "It is you fault Matthews, it is your fault". Is the agenda for MSNBC and perhaps a good part of the media, so far left that something like this will be overlooked in order not to hurt the democratic candidate? The reason no one knew Chris is you didn't tell us! You, a member of the media noticed something you thought odd and either did not bother checking it out or did but decided to say nothing in order not to hurt one of your own. Look in the mirror Chris, the problem is staring right back at you.

As far as Rachel Maddow, she is by comparison a nice diversion to the other two shows. She is left of left no doubt, but does try to at least position her show is one of real news and not strictly the talking points handed her from the democratic party. Last evening she was discussing Scott Roeder's upcoming trial for the murder of Dr George Tiller. Tiller was killed as he made his way into church in May of 09. Tiller was the medical director at a clinic in Witchita Kansas which was one of three nation wide that performed the much debated "late term" (after 21 weeks) abortions. Dr Tiller whose clinic was fire bombed in 1986 was also shot in both arms in 1993. He had his enemies. The shooter, Shelley Shannon was sentenced to eleven years in jail. His clinic for years had been harassed by protesters. He was as determined to stay and protesters were determined in putting him out of business.

So what is my beef with Rachel Maddow? In her questioning of her guest who interviewed the confessed shooter she wanted to know how much the general anti abortion movement influenced Roedor's decision to shoot Tiller. The author answered that while it may have had some, it was hard to say and in fact Roedor was a bit out there. Perhaps not criminally insane, but close. Maddow then went on to say that in her opinion it in fact played a large role. It sounded as if she believed that all anti abortion folks had a hand in this killing. That is my beef. To lump an obviously deranged man with those who oppose abortion is ridculous. Dr. Tiller had his right to his medical practice however his right does not supersede those who wish to protest.

The vast majority of those who favor as well as oppose abortion do not condone such violence on any of those who hold views opposite or their own. You do not end violence with more violence. Maddows attempt to say those who peacefully oppose abortion had any part in the doctors death is flat out wrong. MSNBC should learn that those on the left are not always right and those on the right are not always to blame.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome To The Senate

Scott Brown was not even twelve hours post election and already Keith Olbermann has decided he is a homophobic, racist. He also apologized for not calling him a sexist and for not going after Brown earlier in the campaign.
He also likened his election to the racism of the early sixties. Obviously he neglected to check in with our Governor about all the racism here and it must have skipped his mind that Obama still gets high marks in this state. Why allow facts mess up a good rant.

Does he really think by going after Scott Brown earlier he would have made a difference? Seriously does anyone think Olbermann makes a difference in anything he talks about. After all he is on MSNBC. That station is about one step above infomercials for the sham wow in total viewers.

This may be good for MSNBC though. If Olbermann can go so far and fast of the deep end over one election think of the possibilities in the next election cycle. MSNBC may get viewers watching just waiting to see if his head will explode on air. Now that would be good TV. Not great TV, but it is MSNBC after all. They decided great TV was not their goal the moment they put Olbermann on the air.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Real Massachusetts Miracle.

One day and counting. Tomorrow we will see if Massachusetts will continue to do business as usual or we witness our own version of Dewey defeats Truman. How could something that seemed so right go so suddenly wrong? Coakley had a plan, first you secure the Democratic nomination and then you start purchasing drapes and try to figure out how many lobbyist you can have at your swearing in. My God, this is Massachusetts after all. What the hell is going on?

It would be easy to say Coakley is simply a weak candidate (which she is) but maybe, just maybe, we are one of the first states to say enough. How do you think John Forbes Kerry is feeling this morning? If Scott Brown can run a campaign like this, (forever known in Democratic circles as Scott "Freaking" Brown) could they find another candidate to do the same to Kerry? This is Massachusetts! Has everyone forgotten that? Kerry paid his dues, three tough years a LT Gov (attending funerals and opening supermarkets) then twenty-six plus years as US Senator. That's how it's done here.

The reality is Coakley may use her dynamic personality and pull this one out. The very fact that it is a question the day before the election is in itself unbelievable. So lets vote tomorrow and see what happens. If by some miracle we elect a Republican lets send Marcie (her name according to Patrick Kennedy) a sympathy card. We can sign it Scott Freaking Brown.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Martha's Coronation

Can you imagine being Martha Coakley right now? You did everything right, well at least in Massachusetts politics. You were an AG that never was to busy to go after the bad guys once public pressure became to much and you had no other choice. That was OK. You were always busy when it came to going after the politicians in this state who were as corrupt as the day is long.

Three house speakers begin their dream of "spending more time with the family" right before the federal indictments come down. Did you notice the word FEDERAL. That's because Martha had her eyes on a larger prize and going after these politicians may hurt her. She wanted to be a US Senator. So she worked for Kerry for President but once the voters found out what we already knew here in Massachusetts they said no thanks. OK she would bide her time. Then came Sen Kennedy's passing. "Oh happy days" she must have said in her grief. One thing Massachusetts voters knew was that the late Senator Kennedy believed in all of his causes. You may have disagreed but he earned your respect because of his determination to see those causes come to fruition. Martha is no Ted. Hell, she isnt even Scott Brown, because as of this writing Brown is up four points.

Oh the pain this must cause. Now every Democrat since Harry Truman is arriving in this state to see if they can bail this sinking ship out. Her cruise to the US Senate has turned into a cruise on the Titanic. Oh the agony. Will she win? It is possible. The avg voter in Massachusetts is like a lemming, "Well if everyone is going over, it must be a good thing". Yet maybe, just maybe, this time we push back.

Oh, one more thing Martha, if you win you get to repeat this in a couple of years. You may want to lean how to spell MASSACHUSETTS

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How About a Deal With a Good Doctor?

Well you might as well to send the scientist home and keep all room available for the rescue equipment and supplies. The reason I say this is usually after a disaster such a Haiti experienced scientist arrive to evaluate the chances for more damage as a result of after shocks or perhaps another quake itself. In Haiti there is a lot of concern about a possible Tsunami.

Apparently they need not fear any of this. It only took a day but the cause of this tragedy that cost upwards of 100,000 lives and millions more displaced has been figured out and not by any scientist but by the good ole Rev Pat Robertson.

It seems according to Pat that this was the result of a deal between some Haitians long ago and the devil in order to gain independence from the French. Yes, you read that right the Devil. Well thank you Pat. Now if you said the deal was between the devil and Pat Ryan’s New York Jets, well I could sort of buy that. However if your God would allow all this destruction on a people who had no part in any deal (real or imagined) well, that is a God I care not to know. I think Pat’s claim shows what happens to a man who desperately wants to be relevant again.

Now if a deal could be struck to get Pat the help he obviously needs…….

Friday, January 8, 2010

One More Time

Well it has been a long time since I was here. Spring, summer, and fall came and went and the big three, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years came and went. . It’s funny how a “few”” days off can get away from you. But as they say, “I’m Back Baby!!”