Friday, August 29, 2008

Jay Severin Political Consultant, No Seriously

Well Jay Severin from WTKK has talked himself in off the ledge and proclaims John McCain's running mate a great candidate. He also states that she is wholly unqualified to be the Vice President, but in Jays world that is ok. For weeks he claims that no one but Mitt Romney will save the McCain ticket. That is until today. You can say Obama is unqualified but he did win the primary. Severin will say the only reason he won it is because he is black. Be that as it may, he did win it.

You see in Jays world the only thing that matters is that Obama loses. It is fine that McCain picked a person who two years ago was mayor of a town of nine thousand people. It is fine that she is simply not ready for the job. It does not matter. On Michael Graham's show Jay was not a happy camper as his man, Mitt, was not the chosen one. But a few hours later it does not matter. She is now an asset to John McCain. True by his own admission he really did not think of her at all. How can this be? How can Jay, who knows all, be blindsided like this?

It is simple, Jay is an idiot. With all the political savvy he has demonstrated over the last few months it is no wonder he is no longer political consultant. Lets recap. Mitt is the best man and a formidable candidate. Obama is an empty suit. The nomination is Hillary's. Hillary as a plan to steal the nomination. Obama has already selected Hillary as his VP. Romney is the only choice....need I say more.

I would have thought in his first important decision McCain would have picked one who is qualified to be President and not a cheap grab at the female voter. But if he wins she will only be the Vice President. Why worry? Oh by the way, Happy 72nd birthday Mr McCain.

Poor John McCain

Poor John McCain. The Senator from Arizona who has the ability of making every speech he gives sound like a stock report must be a bit uncomfortable today. After eight years of waiting he finally secures the nomination and now must run against a man, who is perhaps the best orator since Regan. Say what you will about Obama, love him or hate him, the man can deliver a speech. Going into yesterdays speech everyone was wondering if he bit off a bit more than he could chew. Invesco field, seventy five thousand seats, columns, all that was going against him. Then for fun add in the element of not knowing if the weather would wreck havoc and simply make the whole thing laughable. No such luck for the republicans. After all, this is Obama.

During this campaign Obama had been called a light weight. Long on dreams and hope but short on substance. In the air the kite flies high but on the ground there is not much to it. This is the Obama the republicans want us to see. Last night, we got to see another Obama. The speech was perfect as was the balance of it all. He offered us a vision of the future but also showed us he was aware of the reality. He was not, despite what McCain wants us to believe some light weight on that stage last night. He tore into McCain and set the tone for the final days of this campaign. He set the agenda. He mocked the silliness of the ads that have been run against him. The is serious business and last night he was very serious.

He is not perfect, but he is more right than wrong. Could you ever imagine that in the United States, our politicians would be holding hearings on the right to torture. Debating if one act is or is not torture, but merely an "interrogation technique". I believe if your not sure if it is torture or not, you probably should stop. I think Bill Clinton had one of the best lines of the convention when he said the world has always been impressed not by our examples of power, but rather the power of our example.

This election does offer us a stark choice. For those of us who follow politics like a sport, it is an exciting time. Last night in Denver, Obama proved he was not "all sizzle and no steak". There is a great amount of meat on this candidate. He took a chance on the venue and hit a home run. Last night Obama proved that not only can a democrat take a punch, he can hit back, and hit back hard. It is now a campaign, and a campaign about issues, real issues, is the last thing that the republicans want. Poor John McCain.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


While taking a few days off from watching politics I realized I somehow made an error. It appears that the event being held in Denver next week is the Clinton National Convention and not the Democratic National Convention. You have Bill speaking, Hillary not only speaking but her name going into nomination and receiving a roll call vote, plus Chelsea is also speaking. My understanding is the Clinton's gardener and housekeeper are looking for open spots. Barack, that soft mushy spot you feel in your back is where your spine evidently has been removed.

I understand Hillary's need for "closure" fine, I get it. But to hijack a convention so easily without any opposition is simply unbelievable. Why not simply give them one night and not stretch this out over three. Let Bill make a speech, introduce Chelsea, who introduces her mother and then be done with it. If this is what Barack means by a "new type of politician" give me the old type any day. Can you imagine in 92 someone asking the Clinton's to do what they are asking Obama to do? It would not happen.

If this is Barack's way of showing us he can negotiate, and is not afraid of compromise, the guys in the Kremlin must be salivating. It makes him look weak and unable to control the nomination process that he won. McCain is an old war horse for sure. But no one can look at him and say he is weak. What Barack does have going for him is that we can also look at McCain and believe he may be willing to start a war over poor room service on his first trip abroad as President.

Well Barack, it is time to as they say, grow a set. Tell Hillary and the rest of the Clinton gang that the nomination fight is over and it is now your show. Be a man and do not back down. Tell them this is your party now and the time to move on is now. If, of course, you want to do this by phone, we understand. We are mad, but we are not foolish. Maybe you could get Sen McCain to speak to them for you. You know, grown up to grown up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What About Those LEFT Behind.

As you read, my experience with the Democratic Underground did not last long. When I questioned HRC I was marked a troll and banished. It is something that I will get over. However It did make me think about what we see and know of Obama. Some of the postings make his old Pastor Rev Wright seem like a middle of the road moderate. There appears a left wing of the party that is almost crazed in their disdain for America.

I will not be accused, or should not be, accused of being a right wing fanatic. Most of my opinions have shifted to a spot some where to the left of the center line. I am however, unlike a lot of the posters on that site, still on the road. I begin to wonder how much does the candidate, any democratic candidate, share the opinions of this group. They could never state them but could there exist among them an agreement of silent approval. If so, the recent Democratic Presidential candidates need look no further than that for their losses.

When a site bans you from questioning Hillary, yet allows the vile postings about John McCain it makes you wonder what the their agenda is. Truth seems not to be an issue. Nor does politics seem to be held in high regard. There is a lot of paranoia on the Democratic Underground. There also is, to be fair, some posters who are thoughtful and seem to know of what they post. They are though, few and far in between.

It is unlikely I will be going back to that site any time soon. I will have to be satisfied with my viewing of MSNBC for my left of center leanings. I do now wonder though every time I see Obama who should concern me. The surrogates I see up front doing all the talking or the silent left behind Obama.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Democratic Underground: Anything but Democratic

I have been banned from the democratic underground website for the following post:

My Mistake! HRC How can we miss you if you wont go away!

I thought HRC should be added to the ticket to help Obama go After McCain. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING! Now I am thinking PLEASE somebody get the Clinton's to shut up. HRC may allow her name to go in nomination? Lord do they understand what losing is? She was a great candidate BUT she ran a campaign that allowed Obama to do what he did..WIN! Forget who you support. I am simply ticked that there seems to be two sets of rules. One for Democrats and another for Clinton's. Get over it already...This is the surest way of electing McCain. If it is good for the Country well fine, but if it is not good for the Clinton's watch out. Enough with how your voters were treated. You were the hands down favorite and LOST. It was a function of the campaign you chose to run. MOVE ON !

It seems that I have violated some rule they have and honestly they have a lot. You see on the Democratic underground website you have to drink all the kool aid. Being a Democrat simply isn't enough. My post was in reaction to the idea that Hillary may allow her name to be placed in nomination in Denver. This will do nothing but hurt Barack Obama's chance in Nov. Some folks joked about the post stating we were picking on Edwards now. Some were horrified that I insulted Hillary and was dragging her through the mud. Despite the mixed response I was banned. I have asked to be reinstated but like the old saying goes "if the phone don't ring you will know it's me."

What is so insulting about this is if you wish to rant that the republicans, all of them are evil sob's that is fine. If you want to say John McCain spent his pow years in the Bahamas that will not get you banned. If you want to swear and post comments with language you thought only came out of a sailor's mouth, no problem. But if you insult the Clinton's, or "promote comments to inflame, or be divisive", poof your gone. Though they don't tell you why they may consider your comments such. If you want to get banned use Baracks middle name, or threaten to vote for a third party candidate-your gone. Does not sound very democratic to me.

That my underground web site is the problem. The mission is to elect Democrats, and I can appreciate that. However there has to be room for debate. Sometimes in debates comes frustration. If one cannot post a bit of frustration among folks who are suppose to be of the same ilk, where can one go? What is so sacred among the Democratic party or its candidates that it cannot appreciate good old fashion debate. Banning me was the same thing as taking your ball and going home. It is a BS move. It is weak. It demonstrates that rather than debate (or ignore) you pout. If I am an idiot in one post, Ignore it. But to ban me because the above post"offends someone" is silly.

Well that is my predicament. I can hope to be allowed back on though I think I have violated a super double secret probation code. I do hope I am reinstated because it is an interesting website with some good insight and some very funny folks. But Dem's we have to lighten up. If your this sensitive to criticism, and mean to things you don't like well that makes you, well, like John McCain.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

$&#^$*^#%$ Email

Today my office changed its email from one we have been using for many years to another service. The company gave out simple instructions on what needed to be done by us employees, to make sure the transition went well. These instructions were spoon fed to us over a few days and in small manageable doses. They set up help desk for questions and had our IT dept available for help. They did everything they could to make it a success. This of course means, it has been hell.

I do not mind change. I welcome the updated technology and the benefit it can bring. I want the latest, fastest, piece of equipment that is available. I just want it to look, run, and act as my old one. If there is any problems we could always call the help desk. Our help desk is probably like the help desk in your company. They answer the phone, put you on hold, come back on to let you know they are working on the problem, and offer to call you back. Which they do, usually about three hours after you have solved the problem. No our luck has not been with our help desk, but our intern Paula. She is a recent graduate here for the summer. For the last three hours she has been answering questions, helping configure things that, well, just need configuring, and other technical stuff like that.

What I did notice was the look. As she answered the most basic questions I had, there appeared a look, a cross somewhere between “I am more than happy to help, and “move the dam cursor to the left, no your other left, you senile old fool.” I know I deserved the look, hell if she got my email running she could stomp on my toes for all I cared. She was being peppered with questions from all directions and to her credit she answered each one and in fact got us all up and running.

I don’t know if anyone fully understands what Paula does here. Hell, if twenty years from now I find out she was stealing company secrets and trading them for unmarked Tens and Twenties I would be surprised but still grateful to her. At least now, I could email someone the news.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is Obama Just another Dem?

For much of the last year we have come to believe that perhaps, just perhaps, Barack Obama was not just another politician. He was, despite few years of experience, someone different. He looked, spoke and acted differently. He was the right man at the right time for the right reasons. He was going to be the next President. He ran a masterful campaign against one of the most talented, well funded primary candidate's to come down the road in a long time. He defeated a Clinton. He was destined to be President. Then again, Hillary Clinton was destined to be the Democratic nominee and we know how well that turned out.

If Obama is going to win he must strike back. Sen John McCain has decided that the way to beat Obama is to have America become afraid of Obama and portray him as an empty suit. Dear Senator Obama, it is working. If the plan of the Democrats is to portray McCain as nothing but a third term of George Bush then they must treat McCain as a quasi incumbent. Obama must go after him at every opportunity. If McCain wants ten town hall meetings, suggest twenty. The site of Obama on stage with McCain is a win for Obama. Do not believe the polls, run as if you are ten points down.

By saying no to the town hall meetings you fall into the trap of appearing weak, a candidate who is afraid of the heavy lifting a campaign requires. McCain does not want you at the town hall meetings. He wants you to say no. This is to his advantage. Just as your declining, no matter how savvy the reason is again, advantage McCain. Bill Clinton survived his campaign and eight years in office by hitting back at his opponents, hard and often.

You must hit back and challenge McCain at each and every opportunity. Suggest a bus tour together if you must, but follow him and go after him. If not, you will be just another Democrat running for President. We all know how those elections usually turn out.

Friday, August 1, 2008

So Long Manny

Just like a couple who has decided it simply isn't working anymore the Red Sox and The hall of fame left fielder have separated. Manny will now get to practice his Manny being Manny routine in LA. Good Luck. While I think most of us in Boston agree the trade had to be made, It is tough to see this relationship end. That being said the sox have a history of making the right decision when it comes to this level of player. We may all miss Pedro and Nomar, but no one can say they have been better players since leaving the sox.

I think the avg fan understands that a player, despite making millions of dollars could have problems with a team. However that same fan also thinks YOUR MAKING TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHUT UP AND PLAY. Not to worry folks we to will get over this. I wonder if this weekend Manny is going to look at his uniform and think "Hey man I'm not on the Sox, what the .....".

We will continue to watch the Red Sox or as my wife calls them, "her boys". When you have players like big Papi, Mike Lowell, Dustin Pedroia, and the rest of this line up that alone is reason to watch. So if there are alot of you fans in a depression this morning, saddened by the loss of Manny, remember it could always be worse. Trust me I know, I'm a Bruins fan.