Monday, March 30, 2009

My lord, he is now selling cars!

I don't know about you, but boy do I feel better. I know in the past I may have been considered cynical by some. Perhaps sarcastic by others. Not today. I feel good. Simply knowing that the government is going to back all warranties when you buy a GM or Chrysler car makes me want to go right out and buy a few. The same people who gave us all those courteous folks at the IRS and Social Security offices are now going to be able to help us when our car is making that funny noise. I am sure they will be a real pleasure to deal with when we think the whatsit next to the thingamajig isn't right. Tell me how can this plan fail? The auto Industry is saved!

Is this some kind of joke? Does anyone with an ounce of matter between their ears think this is a good idea? The government is now in the auto business. Is there no business so lost, or so bad that Obama will simply let the market do what it does best. Bad companies poorly run, fail. It has always been that way and despite what Washington tells us it will always be that way.

Does anyone feel better about a GM (Government Motors) or Chrysler car? Of course not. GM has been producing bad cars for the last twenty five years under a business model that is at least fifty years past its prime. The winner in all of this? (no, not the taxpayer you cute silly fool) It is Ford motor company. They looked at the situation and said thanks but no thanks to big brother Washington. They understood that even with the bailout money and all its strings it did not guarantee success. However they were wise enough to understand that it just about guarantees failure.

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