Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG, Take Me

We are in serious economic trouble. I have come to this conclusion after reviewing the data, assessing our options, and listening to every talking head on television tell me just how bad it is. Our political leaders have all come together and have agreed that we are really, really, and they mean really screwed. How comforting.

Perhaps I am a bit old fashioned but shouldn't someone in charge have an actual idea about how the hell we get out of this? If you watch C Span or CNN for just a little while you suddenly realize that those in charge have really no clue how to get out of this tailspin. My ideas are just as viable as theirs. Now, I am not in charge so technically that makes them a bit less viable, ok perhaps not viable at all, but you get my point.

I have not posted any thoughts from Boston in months. I have been busy filling out applications at AIG. The pay isn't great but the bonus structure is unbelievable. I will take any position. On second thought perhaps not any position. I saw the head of AIG in front of Congress the other day and that looked like a really uncomfortable position.

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