Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 Tragedy Continues

In today’s America conspiracy is king. No longer do horrible things simply happen. No longer can horrible acts be the result of a lone nut or by an enemy wishing us harm. No, not in today’s America. Today marks the anniversary of one of the most tragic events ever to take place on American soil. Sept 11, 2001 started out a bright sunny day and within hours, thousands would never see another sunny morning again. Thousands more wondered how they would face any morning again without their loves ones, who simply went to work that day or happen to be on a plane that day.

Within days we knew the make up of the attack, the general plan of the attackers and the leadership of those involved. However for many the explanation was clear. The government performed this act. We can forget the facts that the administration had been in office only nine months and knowing Mr Bush he probably wasn't clear about the locations of the bathrooms in his new house, yet he somehow masterminded an attack on the people of the United States.

Now, there are groups who claim the very phone calls from the victims to their families saying goodbye while crying together, and supporting each other in heroic and wonderful ways before the end, never happened. There were no such calls, or even worse, that the calls that were made by imposter's.
How horrific is that claim? How vile and disgusting can one be?

In the end these “truth seekers” are doing what some Americans have done for centuries. They are profiting from the suffering of others. Seven years later and that crime is still going on

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