Sunday, September 7, 2008

My God The Horror!

If anyone (besides me) reads this drivel you know I tend to write about politics or that idiot on the radio that goes without naming. (Jay Severin if you must know) But not today. There was collective groan heard around New England today at about 1:19 pm. Tens of Thousands witnessed something that really is beyond words. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots went down and grabbed his knee. MY GOD MAN, HE GRABBED HIS KNEE! He was helped off the field and did not return. Did I mention he GRABBED HIS KNEE!

Within 4 seconds my son called and wanted to know if the hit was as bad as they made it out on the radio. I am not sure if he could hear me through the sobs, but I told him it looked bad. By this time he was perhaps careening out of control on the highway. Now that I think of it I hope he is ok. Brady I mean, I'm sure my son is fine. My first thought after witnessing this horror went to my niece. I was sure her parents were medicating her and who could blame them. Did I mention BRADY GRABBED HIS KNEE! My niece is probably sitting there hugging her life size Tom Brady cutout, mumbling why football gods, why? Of course in some circumstances I would say she is being silly. But did I mention, HE GRABBED HIS KNEE!

Being from New England we know it has to be bad. Here in New England we are not by nature optimist when it comes to sports. Sure the Red Sox have won a couple championships, the Celtics just last year and of course the Patriots have won 3 in the last seven years. Some of you may see us as a glass half full kind of fan or perhaps a glass half empty type of fan. But in New England we say "take the FREAKING glass and shove it up your ***, my god HE GRABBED HIS KNEE!"
We know it has to be bad. Probably his ACL or MCL, maybe his CBS, or FBI. Perhaps its that thingamajig connected to his whatchamacallit, whatever it is it's bad.

However the real important thing to keep in mind is that the Patriots played through adversity and won. That is whats important. I mean, it is, i think, but MY GOD HE GRABBED HIS KNEE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you say he hurt his KNEE?????!!!

Anonymous said...

Check it out: