Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Year Down and a Lifetime to Go.

The decorations are slowly coming down. The tree, while still standing, will soon be stripped of its ornaments and removed like yesterdays wrapping paper. Perhaps not today or tomorrow but, like winter itself, it can only last so long. The Christmas specials have been replaced by playoff football. It is, as it should be and has been for years. Life goes on.

It is this time of the year I am most reflective. I think of all I have and of the many I truly miss. It is funny how the "things" seem less and less important as each year passes. It was not the gifts given or received that I will remember but the little things. Hearing your children, and to a parent they are always children, laugh and talk amongst themselves. It was not that long ago, or so it seems that you wondered if it was even possible they would ever get along. To see that they understand and appreciate the effort their mom puts in to make this all possible. When I was younger my dad would look at my girlfriend and remark how I had great taste in woman, the turning to her, remark that her taste may be a bit suspect. It is no doubt were he with us today, he would say the same thing. He would be as right now as he was then.

My "baby" just turned eighteen. My son just got his own apartment, and my oldest is nervous about a new position she starts tomorrow. Life goes on. a Bob Dylan song I enjoy has him thinking about the past and a room he and his friends use to hang out in as young men. He sings. " I wish I wish though I wish in vain, that we could sit simply in that room again, ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat, I would give it all gladly if our lives could be like that".

As each year passes, I fully appreciate his feelings. Oh well, Life goes on.

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