Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two Plus Two Equals Seventeen

If anybody wants to know whats wrong with the United States educational system they need to look no further than Minnesota. Apparently the good folks from Minnesota (old Indian meaning -we have to live here?) cannot count. Well, OK, they can count but they just keep getting different answers. Remember the election way back in November? It seems that Sen Norm Colman and comedian Al Franken (Franken is Indian for -elect him?) are locked in a tough battle for the US Senate seat. Coleman is up by two hundred then down by two hundred and thirty five. All from the same batch of votes. How can that be?

"eh say Bill is that a vote for Franken circled here"
"Eh no, I think it's a blood stain from when Herb had that episode and repeatedly smashed his head on the table"
"Could be, but that blood stain is awful close to Frankens name?"
"Ya, only four, maybe five inches away"
"OK then, one for Franken"

So it goes. The goal is to announce the winner before his next term expires in 2015.
So my fellow Americans the nation waits in an anticipated stupor to see which man from Minnesota (older Indian meaning-seriously we are a state) is our next US Senator. Far be it from me to pry but may I offer one word of advice to the numerically impaired folks of Minnesota: Calculator

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