Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello, May I help You?

I read an interesting story in the local paper this evening. It appears a man in need of a cell phone walked up behind a fifteen year old and poking a pretend gun into his back stole this young mans phone. Now, It was not the crime I found interesting but the police work in solving it. They called the cell phone and simply talked the thief into turning himself in. That's it, a phone call and they got their man.

Is it me but does this say something about the level of commitment this thief had. He pretended he had a gun which in Massachusetts is armed robbery, gun or no gun. He took the phone from behind so it is unlikely he was seen but when the police called, he turned himself in. Really? A simple phone call and he was overcome by guilt?

I am not sure why this struck me as funny. Perhaps the thief was someone down on his luck who in a moment of weakness did something stupid and did in fact feel bad. I hope that's the case. My guess though is that he is simply as dumb as he sounds.

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