Saturday, January 16, 2010

Martha's Coronation

Can you imagine being Martha Coakley right now? You did everything right, well at least in Massachusetts politics. You were an AG that never was to busy to go after the bad guys once public pressure became to much and you had no other choice. That was OK. You were always busy when it came to going after the politicians in this state who were as corrupt as the day is long.

Three house speakers begin their dream of "spending more time with the family" right before the federal indictments come down. Did you notice the word FEDERAL. That's because Martha had her eyes on a larger prize and going after these politicians may hurt her. She wanted to be a US Senator. So she worked for Kerry for President but once the voters found out what we already knew here in Massachusetts they said no thanks. OK she would bide her time. Then came Sen Kennedy's passing. "Oh happy days" she must have said in her grief. One thing Massachusetts voters knew was that the late Senator Kennedy believed in all of his causes. You may have disagreed but he earned your respect because of his determination to see those causes come to fruition. Martha is no Ted. Hell, she isnt even Scott Brown, because as of this writing Brown is up four points.

Oh the pain this must cause. Now every Democrat since Harry Truman is arriving in this state to see if they can bail this sinking ship out. Her cruise to the US Senate has turned into a cruise on the Titanic. Oh the agony. Will she win? It is possible. The avg voter in Massachusetts is like a lemming, "Well if everyone is going over, it must be a good thing". Yet maybe, just maybe, this time we push back.

Oh, one more thing Martha, if you win you get to repeat this in a couple of years. You may want to lean how to spell MASSACHUSETTS

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