Monday, January 18, 2010

A Real Massachusetts Miracle.

One day and counting. Tomorrow we will see if Massachusetts will continue to do business as usual or we witness our own version of Dewey defeats Truman. How could something that seemed so right go so suddenly wrong? Coakley had a plan, first you secure the Democratic nomination and then you start purchasing drapes and try to figure out how many lobbyist you can have at your swearing in. My God, this is Massachusetts after all. What the hell is going on?

It would be easy to say Coakley is simply a weak candidate (which she is) but maybe, just maybe, we are one of the first states to say enough. How do you think John Forbes Kerry is feeling this morning? If Scott Brown can run a campaign like this, (forever known in Democratic circles as Scott "Freaking" Brown) could they find another candidate to do the same to Kerry? This is Massachusetts! Has everyone forgotten that? Kerry paid his dues, three tough years a LT Gov (attending funerals and opening supermarkets) then twenty-six plus years as US Senator. That's how it's done here.

The reality is Coakley may use her dynamic personality and pull this one out. The very fact that it is a question the day before the election is in itself unbelievable. So lets vote tomorrow and see what happens. If by some miracle we elect a Republican lets send Marcie (her name according to Patrick Kennedy) a sympathy card. We can sign it Scott Freaking Brown.

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