Monday, November 3, 2008

A vote for the Liberal

Tomorrow I will cast my vote for Barack Obama for President of the United States. In past elections I have more often than not voted on the republican side of the ballot. One of the main reasons I am casting my ballot for him is something he is often criticized about. His ability to get America to hope again. We live in a country that is not perfect in anyway. However today, if a politician points that out he is quickly and forcefully labeled anti American or his patriotism is called into question.

Barack Obama has had the nerve and audacity to suggest we are not perfect, but we could be close. It is, no matter how many ways you dissect the problem, a crime that health care is simply not available to everyone in the US. Over the years my family has suffered health care issues, some have come out ok and others have not. Each step of the way we has health care coverage to provide at least a fighting chance. As a husband and father I believe everyone deserves at least that chance. Hopefully under an Obama administration it will be available to all. I also believe that if Americans were told in order to provide it it will cost all of us ten dollars a pay check we would agree to it. Like Obama, I believe that Americans are willing to do more for the common good if only asked.

Now Obama can win and not be as successful as I hope or McCain may squeak in and becomes on of the greatest Presidents we have had. One never knows. But have after eight years of an administration that often seems adrift and detached I think it is time for a change. This is my plan for election day. I will cast a ballot for the Liberal and hope I do not need to spend the next four years saying I am sorry. Odd though, I haven't heard any republican say sorry for the last eight.

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