Friday, July 25, 2008

Best and Brightest No More

It was bound to happen. All good things must come to an end. How long can one expect to be the best and brightest?. Best, sure. We can all be the best at something, at least for a little while. Brightest? I will admit there were times I was. But to be one of the best and brightest, together. Wow that was something.

But alas, I am no longer one of them. Jay Severin has told me so. I will admit the realization of this fact was hard. I listened to his show daily (WTKK, Bston) and nodded my head in agreement when he made profound political statements like "Hillary is Fat or Hillary is going to win" or "McCain is a liberal". But somehow, somewhere the magic wore off. I began to think for myself, in Jay's world that is a crime. That may have been the start of my down fall. I thought at times Jay sounded like an idiot, a racist. But no, it must be me, it has to be me. Perhaps I cannot understand a man who won a Pulitzer. (OK maybe not a real one, but he must have got that confused with something else, How many times have you done that? Honey I won a Pulitzer, oh wait, my mistake) A man who made his bones in the political world. He is after all a political genius. I know he is. He said it. It must be true.

The final straw was when I began to look at Obama as a real alternative. Jay would have none of it. If you like Obama you must be an American hating, wussy. Not a super manly man, an American man like Jay. A man who hits on every female caller with a heart beat. ( I'm sure the wife don't mind at all) Plus I began to have thoughts that Jay found offensive and evil. Sick thoughts, thoughts I could never mention and still be one of the best and brightest. I felt ashamed. Thoughts like health care for everyone, and end to the Iraq war, and oh forgive me Jay, maybe just maybe, an equal opportunity for everyone. Oh the Shame!

I know now I am no longer one of the best and brightest. I have done the one thing that Jay will find no forgiveness for, something so vile he will simply not stand for it. I have started to question Jay!

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