Monday, July 28, 2008

Gunman Hated Liberals

I was recently taken to task by a poster at another site who stated that this crime was a result of the policies of the church and there liberal leanings. I suggested Jesus was liberal. I was informed that he may have been, but not on issues that are facing America in 2008. Things like prostitution, gay marriage, euthanasia, abortion, higher taxes etc.

It is true that Jesus did not have to deal with these issues. I would not be brave enough to venture a guess on how he would. I can however, be certain he would not have killed innocent people to get his point across. Those that invoke God's name in violence such as this are simply wrong. Has human life become so cheap that we will now murder for our political beliefs? For different points of view? In a church? Has politics gone so haywire that we are now consumed by those we disagree with to the point of murder?

The whole country should be outraged at this act. It is not a blue state or red state issue. The people of Tennessee have been through enough. Let this church mourn for its members and pray for the injured. Do not suggest that they now pray to the very God who condoned this action.

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Anonymous said...

You missed the whole point of my comment. The term "liberal" refers to somebody's views related to something. It doesn't have an objective definition separate from the system or times or whatever you are talking about. A liberal in the soviet union would be very different than a liberal in the U.S. Just like the founding fathers were a very different type of liberal than the modern day liberal. The meaning of the term changes with the context.

Plus, your definition of liberal does not capture the essence of a modern day liberal... you pretty much try to define liberal so that it means everything good or is synonymous with a good person. But the essence of a modern day liberal is more about their politics than their personalities or morals. They want more government control on economic issues and less government control of social or lifestyle issues. I don't think Jesus expressed any views on economic policy or governmental policy regarding social/lifestyle issues.