Sunday, July 27, 2008

WRKO Savaged Again (and again..and again..)

Is on air talent so hard to find for WRKO? Is the Michael Savage show such an income producer that the host credibility or the audience he insults is simply of no concern to this once proud station? It was about two years ago when the Savage show nearly caused me to drive off the road as he explained that there is no such thing as Tourette syndrome. He went on to explain it was a disease invented by the pharmaceutical companies in order to “push treatments”.

Now he has taken on Autism. It is simply a parenting issue. Parents of these children he claims, or 99% of them, should simply tell their children to “knock it off” according to Mr. Savage. This will solve the problem. Thank you Michael. Perhaps we can take that a step further and apply the Savage method to other medical issues. You have chest pain? Just yell stop! Think of the healthcare savings!

The question here is why does WRKO continue to let this fool on the air? Does WRKO care about the audience at all? RKO of course, will do nothing. It perhaps has figured out that in order to insult an audience, or even care about an audience, you have to have an audience. When was the last time RKO had that?

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Anonymous said...

What gives with Boston Radio? Michael Savage, Jay ('Nuke them all') Severin, Howie Carr making fun of people on Food Stamps. These guys are in no danger of losing their homes, their jobs, their self-esteem. And yet they broadbrush all those who suffer with loafers and Cons.

I'm afraid the real Con's are these tonsil-heads and carnival barkers behind the microphones, the Jerry Springers of Rush-hour traffic. It's a disgrace.