Friday, July 25, 2008

No Limit to Jay's Hypocrisy

I think it is easy to understand Jay Severin when you realize who he is. He was a political consultant who helped candidates lose all over the country. That however is not the point. In his past job he was used to spinning anything. Yesterday he said that it is not something to be proud of if you are Barack and you win because most voters are voting against the republicans and not really voteing FOR Obama. PLEASE. As a consultant I am sure he did not give a dam about why his candidate won. (In his case hypothetically of course) But now according to Jay that is something that should concern the Obama folks.

For months during the primary season he railed against McCain because of his "pro war" view. Now he rails against Obama's plan to at least develop a plan, and get us out of the war. The most important thing was for this war to end, according to the POJ. (pre Obama Jay) He cried out against our occupation of Iraq and in fact went as far as suggesting using nukes against them in order to win quickly and then leave. Yesterday he was screaming about Obama being the cause of our soldiers being shot in the back as they leave. I am getting dizzy.

Now I know some of you may think I have something against Jay Severin. I really have no more against him than I have against any other race baiting hater.

Some of you may remember the "dean of radio" Jerry Williams. As opinionated as anyone yet somehow those who disagreed were not called losers and wimps. Boston has had great radio talk show host who loved when someone called to challenge their opinion. They discussed, sometime argued but always (or so it seems) there was a "thank you for calling". Gene Burns of RKO fame, or perhaps the best ever in town David Brudnoy, all with strong views, but always welcomed the opposition. They were not afraid to discuss the opposite view. After Brudnoy passed away Paul Sullivan filled his shoes with style, class and again no fear of those who disagreed. Theirs where shows that catered to those who would call and not say "hey man your the best, or I agree with everything". That unfortunately is a requirement for a Severin caller.

So if your tired of the old same thing turn the dial. If you like talk radio there are great alternatives. Even on Severin's station the host are fine. Michael Graham is as opinionated as Jay about Obama but it is not "all Obama all the time". Oh by the way, Jay kicked me out of "his country" yesterday. I'm over it. First no longer the best and brightest and now banished from Jay's country. Talk about a bad week. That is about all I care to write about this fat headed, bigot. The other thing Jay loves to attack is MSNBC. Want to bet were Jay last worked? How do you spell hypocrisy in three letters? J-A-Y. Go sox!

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