Monday, July 28, 2008

Where is todays RFK?

The day after Martin Luther King died Senator Robert Kennedy gave a brief speech where he spoke about the "Mindless Menace of Violence" in America. As I read the speech I thought how different America is today. Not in the sense that we have solved the problem. Rather, a politician running for President, had the courage to give this speech. It was either uncommon courage or they were uncommon times. As you read the speech ask yourself If Obama gave this speech today, what would the reaction be?

We live in a time where a politician cannot offer us anything beyond what we see. If they speak of hope, peace, love, things that must be dreamed of, they are mocked. If a leader ask us to dream of a better America talk radio rails and hurls insults for days. Follow the link and read the speech. What politician today would give this speech? I think most would not. That is a sad sad commentary on this country today. We have moved great great distances since 1968. But, which direction have we moved?


Anonymous said...

No politician from either party would have the nerve to make this speech today. Regardless of how it still rings true 40 years later. RFK was a rare man. It makes his death all that more tragic.

Anonymous said...

I read your comment on Breitbart about Jesus being the "most liberal of them all." This may be true in the sense that he advocated change in the Jewish culture of his time, but he was in no way liberal in terms of american politics in 2008. Show me where Jesus advocated higher taxes, government welfare programs, legalization of abortion, legalization of gay marriage, legalization of euthenasia, legalization of prostitution, legalization of gambling, etc, etc, etc. Jesus was in no way a liberal as the term is used in american politics. If you care about the true, please quit spewing this nonsense.