Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jay Predicts Banking Crisis

I promised myself I was not going to mention Jay Severin again. OK I also promised I would lay off ice cream. I was captivated today for a minute or two listening to Jay. (Nausea sets in about 15 mins) Jay stated today he predicted this banking crisis in 1987. Twenty-one years ago. Man he is good. What led him to this prediction was seeing an ad in the paper for a bank that stated "equal opportunity lender" and well "we all know what that means". You see according to Jay ninety-six percent of Americans pay their mortgage on time, and we all know who the four percent are.

Jay believes that equal opportunity lender is code for you must lend to people who do not have the means to pay it back. In other words according to Jay, minorities. In Jays world the idea that someone who is more than able to handle a loan may be denied because of race, or sexual orientation, simply doesn't exist. He saw this problem twenty one years ago. His show is full of him saying how he predicted this or that ten years or twenty years ago. I wonder if he finds it difficult to talk and pat himself on the back at the same time.

Jay is also very happy that McCain came out and said he is against affirmative action. (Though with Mac you don't know if he speaking for the campaign) Because in Jays world if you are for it, you are a racist. Jays world is a simple place. It is a black and white world. Perhaps, just perhaps, a black or white world, is more accurate.

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