Wednesday, August 20, 2008


While taking a few days off from watching politics I realized I somehow made an error. It appears that the event being held in Denver next week is the Clinton National Convention and not the Democratic National Convention. You have Bill speaking, Hillary not only speaking but her name going into nomination and receiving a roll call vote, plus Chelsea is also speaking. My understanding is the Clinton's gardener and housekeeper are looking for open spots. Barack, that soft mushy spot you feel in your back is where your spine evidently has been removed.

I understand Hillary's need for "closure" fine, I get it. But to hijack a convention so easily without any opposition is simply unbelievable. Why not simply give them one night and not stretch this out over three. Let Bill make a speech, introduce Chelsea, who introduces her mother and then be done with it. If this is what Barack means by a "new type of politician" give me the old type any day. Can you imagine in 92 someone asking the Clinton's to do what they are asking Obama to do? It would not happen.

If this is Barack's way of showing us he can negotiate, and is not afraid of compromise, the guys in the Kremlin must be salivating. It makes him look weak and unable to control the nomination process that he won. McCain is an old war horse for sure. But no one can look at him and say he is weak. What Barack does have going for him is that we can also look at McCain and believe he may be willing to start a war over poor room service on his first trip abroad as President.

Well Barack, it is time to as they say, grow a set. Tell Hillary and the rest of the Clinton gang that the nomination fight is over and it is now your show. Be a man and do not back down. Tell them this is your party now and the time to move on is now. If, of course, you want to do this by phone, we understand. We are mad, but we are not foolish. Maybe you could get Sen McCain to speak to them for you. You know, grown up to grown up.

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