Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is Obama Just another Dem?

For much of the last year we have come to believe that perhaps, just perhaps, Barack Obama was not just another politician. He was, despite few years of experience, someone different. He looked, spoke and acted differently. He was the right man at the right time for the right reasons. He was going to be the next President. He ran a masterful campaign against one of the most talented, well funded primary candidate's to come down the road in a long time. He defeated a Clinton. He was destined to be President. Then again, Hillary Clinton was destined to be the Democratic nominee and we know how well that turned out.

If Obama is going to win he must strike back. Sen John McCain has decided that the way to beat Obama is to have America become afraid of Obama and portray him as an empty suit. Dear Senator Obama, it is working. If the plan of the Democrats is to portray McCain as nothing but a third term of George Bush then they must treat McCain as a quasi incumbent. Obama must go after him at every opportunity. If McCain wants ten town hall meetings, suggest twenty. The site of Obama on stage with McCain is a win for Obama. Do not believe the polls, run as if you are ten points down.

By saying no to the town hall meetings you fall into the trap of appearing weak, a candidate who is afraid of the heavy lifting a campaign requires. McCain does not want you at the town hall meetings. He wants you to say no. This is to his advantage. Just as your declining, no matter how savvy the reason is again, advantage McCain. Bill Clinton survived his campaign and eight years in office by hitting back at his opponents, hard and often.

You must hit back and challenge McCain at each and every opportunity. Suggest a bus tour together if you must, but follow him and go after him. If not, you will be just another Democrat running for President. We all know how those elections usually turn out.

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