Friday, August 29, 2008

Jay Severin Political Consultant, No Seriously

Well Jay Severin from WTKK has talked himself in off the ledge and proclaims John McCain's running mate a great candidate. He also states that she is wholly unqualified to be the Vice President, but in Jays world that is ok. For weeks he claims that no one but Mitt Romney will save the McCain ticket. That is until today. You can say Obama is unqualified but he did win the primary. Severin will say the only reason he won it is because he is black. Be that as it may, he did win it.

You see in Jays world the only thing that matters is that Obama loses. It is fine that McCain picked a person who two years ago was mayor of a town of nine thousand people. It is fine that she is simply not ready for the job. It does not matter. On Michael Graham's show Jay was not a happy camper as his man, Mitt, was not the chosen one. But a few hours later it does not matter. She is now an asset to John McCain. True by his own admission he really did not think of her at all. How can this be? How can Jay, who knows all, be blindsided like this?

It is simple, Jay is an idiot. With all the political savvy he has demonstrated over the last few months it is no wonder he is no longer political consultant. Lets recap. Mitt is the best man and a formidable candidate. Obama is an empty suit. The nomination is Hillary's. Hillary as a plan to steal the nomination. Obama has already selected Hillary as his VP. Romney is the only choice....need I say more.

I would have thought in his first important decision McCain would have picked one who is qualified to be President and not a cheap grab at the female voter. But if he wins she will only be the Vice President. Why worry? Oh by the way, Happy 72nd birthday Mr McCain.

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Anonymous said...

Jay Severin has a mirror in front of him all the while he is talking into the mike. Have you ever noticed how the old geezer is always making passes at either callers or interns?