Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What About Those LEFT Behind.

As you read, my experience with the Democratic Underground did not last long. When I questioned HRC I was marked a troll and banished. It is something that I will get over. However It did make me think about what we see and know of Obama. Some of the postings make his old Pastor Rev Wright seem like a middle of the road moderate. There appears a left wing of the party that is almost crazed in their disdain for America.

I will not be accused, or should not be, accused of being a right wing fanatic. Most of my opinions have shifted to a spot some where to the left of the center line. I am however, unlike a lot of the posters on that site, still on the road. I begin to wonder how much does the candidate, any democratic candidate, share the opinions of this group. They could never state them but could there exist among them an agreement of silent approval. If so, the recent Democratic Presidential candidates need look no further than that for their losses.

When a site bans you from questioning Hillary, yet allows the vile postings about John McCain it makes you wonder what the their agenda is. Truth seems not to be an issue. Nor does politics seem to be held in high regard. There is a lot of paranoia on the Democratic Underground. There also is, to be fair, some posters who are thoughtful and seem to know of what they post. They are though, few and far in between.

It is unlikely I will be going back to that site any time soon. I will have to be satisfied with my viewing of MSNBC for my left of center leanings. I do now wonder though every time I see Obama who should concern me. The surrogates I see up front doing all the talking or the silent left behind Obama.

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