Friday, August 29, 2008

Poor John McCain

Poor John McCain. The Senator from Arizona who has the ability of making every speech he gives sound like a stock report must be a bit uncomfortable today. After eight years of waiting he finally secures the nomination and now must run against a man, who is perhaps the best orator since Regan. Say what you will about Obama, love him or hate him, the man can deliver a speech. Going into yesterdays speech everyone was wondering if he bit off a bit more than he could chew. Invesco field, seventy five thousand seats, columns, all that was going against him. Then for fun add in the element of not knowing if the weather would wreck havoc and simply make the whole thing laughable. No such luck for the republicans. After all, this is Obama.

During this campaign Obama had been called a light weight. Long on dreams and hope but short on substance. In the air the kite flies high but on the ground there is not much to it. This is the Obama the republicans want us to see. Last night, we got to see another Obama. The speech was perfect as was the balance of it all. He offered us a vision of the future but also showed us he was aware of the reality. He was not, despite what McCain wants us to believe some light weight on that stage last night. He tore into McCain and set the tone for the final days of this campaign. He set the agenda. He mocked the silliness of the ads that have been run against him. The is serious business and last night he was very serious.

He is not perfect, but he is more right than wrong. Could you ever imagine that in the United States, our politicians would be holding hearings on the right to torture. Debating if one act is or is not torture, but merely an "interrogation technique". I believe if your not sure if it is torture or not, you probably should stop. I think Bill Clinton had one of the best lines of the convention when he said the world has always been impressed not by our examples of power, but rather the power of our example.

This election does offer us a stark choice. For those of us who follow politics like a sport, it is an exciting time. Last night in Denver, Obama proved he was not "all sizzle and no steak". There is a great amount of meat on this candidate. He took a chance on the venue and hit a home run. Last night Obama proved that not only can a democrat take a punch, he can hit back, and hit back hard. It is now a campaign, and a campaign about issues, real issues, is the last thing that the republicans want. Poor John McCain.

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