Saturday, October 18, 2008

Michele McPhee, Just as Angry, Just as Wrong.

What do you do if your WTKK and you want to improve the ratings of one of your shows. It seems all you do is ask the resident right wing, paranoid and growing more out of control by the minute talk show host to leave his talking points on the desk. This allows Michele McPhee to come in, pick up the notes and simply screech into the microphone every evening from 7-10pm.

What I don't understand is that Michele was a former reporter in New York as well as Boston. She is also an author. You think that someone with that background would know how to fact check. In talk radio it is not necessary, at least not when she is screaming about Obama. A few wrong statements from last evening.

Our friend "Joe the plumber" according to Michele is licensed. On this point she nearly ripped off the head of a caller who suggested he was not. She then screamed that this was nothing but media lies. She then went on to say that he was licensed but in Ohio he does not have to be and works under his bosses license...HUH?

Bottom line is Joe the Plumber DOES NOT hold a license. It is true that it is not required and he is working above board. My point is Michele screamed "media lies" about a fact easily checked out.

Next is Obama's birth certificate. She again repeated the false statement that it has not been released. Well it has, it has been checked out by fact

Then there is Bill Ayers. I simply am to tired to go into all the BS she spreads about this but I urge anyone interested to take a look at this

In the end, she can scream every night until the election but remember this, louder does not mean right.

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