Monday, October 20, 2008

Some fresh Air for WTKK

Anyone that has read any of my post might detect a slight bias against WTKK in Boston. It is not the station as much as a couple of host who are being driven nuts by the thought of an Obama presidency. I will not mention any names (Severin and McPhee) but I think you know who I mean. To be fair I think it is about time to mention what this station has done right. Two words- Jim and Margery.

This pair can be heard each day between 12-3pm. Each day you get politics as well as local issues. You also get hard hitting pieces such as skittlegate, the infamous candy ban, and Jim's constant quest for the perfect MRI machine. The reason I enjoy them so, is that while they may disagree with each other or the callers they are not disagreeable. They provide insight with wit, style and class. They understand the issues perhaps better than anyone on the station and can discuss them without sounding like they are going to need intervention at any moment.

So if anyone has the opportunity take a listen. This is what talk radio is supposed to be.

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