Friday, October 10, 2008

The Train Has Left The Tracks

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If one came to the US for the first time and viewed what has become our political process they would be sure of just one thing. Obama must be the anti Christ. Perhaps that's a bit strong so lets just say an American hating, Communist loving socialist who hangs around with terrorist planning to destroy this country and if elected will not be satisfied until he destroys America. Plus, he is a cat person.

Perhaps I exaggerate. I am not sure about the cat thing. If you listen to those who support the Palin/McCain ticket it is getting ugly out there. As Obama climbs higher in the polls the shrieks from the right get louder and more desperate. Perhaps it is partly because the economy continues to perform like an anchor on the good ship McCain. It may be they simply cannot believe that this one term Senator may actually win this thing. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is what it is. McCain represents the past. From domestic policy to defense. He stands and talks about Ronald Regan and most folks look at each other and say who? He walks around the the stage and claims "I can fix that?", or "I know how to do that". Well Senator if you can fix all the things you claim and know how to do all the things we want done, why over the last twenty six years didn't you TELL someone, anyone?

The truth is it is not about the country. It is simply about John McCain being elected. He will do anything, say anything, to make it it happen. The straight talk express derailed months ago.

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