Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Things Are Just To Scary

Well Halloween is almost over and not an Obama or McCain mask to be seen. Perhaps even the little ghost and goblins are tired of them. This weekend thru Tuesday is the Superbowl weekend for political junkies. You will find those who will be saying McCain is about to pull off a great upset and an equal number who say it has been over since August. My guess is Obama pulls off an impressive electoral margin but McCain keeps it close in actual votes. In Mitt Romney's world that is a silver medal.

In the end, any Republican is swimming upstream in this election. An unpopular war, a President with ratings so low he must stretch to hit bottom and if that isn't enough an historic candidate on the other side. Then, just to make it interesting, the economy goes belly up. Talk about timing. McCain has made a race out of it, not a great one, but a race just the same. Who knows he may pull it off yet. The country would not be ill served with him leading the way. But if that's the case, please oh please, take care of yourself. Sarah Palin as President? Now that is a scary thought, even on Halloween.

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