Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Last Time

Tonight the final debate between the two presidential hopefuls take place. One last try for John McCain to right the SS McCain which has been listing terribly for a few weeks now. Will he do it? I think not. It is not that McCain is performing too badly but rather the SS McCain has run into the perfect storm of politics. He belongs to the same party has an incumbent who has no support at all. He must run "for" a war which is never a good idea as well as deal with an economy that has collapsed all around him. In addition he is running against an opponent that if elected, will become the first black president of the United States. (my apologies to Bill Clinton) It is history in the making. It simply cannot be fun to be John McCain right at this moment.

Barack Obama on the other hand must simply do as he has done, make no mistakes and appear Presidential. It is an easy task when your leading in all the polls, when your leading or gaining in every "must win" state for John McCain and your rival is pulling out of key battleground states as fast as he can. It should be an easy night for Barack Obama.

Will it be? That my friends, is up to John McCain.

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