Monday, October 27, 2008

Michele McPhee, No Clue, No Wonder

Friday evening on my drive home I avoided an accident. I turned off WTKKK, thus reducing my chance of driving off the road. The stations Jay wannabe Michele McPhee, was speaking about the hateful tone of the presidential campaign. She was wondering why it was so hateful and the supporters so mean and nasty to one another. She should be known as the clueless one from this point on. When one caller suggested that McCain's campaign is erratic she demanded proof immediately. Then mocked the caller saying Obama supporters can never defend a position. The caller tried to explain that she did not support Obama and was, in fact, a Ron Paul supporter Michele then said how scary that was and would be on the look out for her in her South Boston neighborhood. She then, as she often does, disconnected the call.

The fact is McPhee has been screaming and screeching plain and simple lies about Obama. They seem to come from the republican talking points. It is no wonder when you call this show you get right on, I wonder if anyone is listening. Michele, if your sad about the tone of this campaign and wish to reduce the hate filled rhetoric you can help immediately, simply shut up.

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Anonymous said...

Yes indeed WTKKK a.k.a. WTKK is the scourge of the Boston area ... with LYING Elitist jimmy severin THE THIRD III'S "Best And Brightest Knuckle Draggers" ... But ya got to understand ~ Michele McPEE ... she w probably has never got any ... and no amount of plastic surgery is gonna help this hound ...