Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Odd Thoughts and Ends

It has become apparent that the Republican Party is feeling that this election may be coming to a close. In what is seen by many as a last grasp at the prize, the Republicans are increasing the attack while sinking further into the mud. To vote for Obama is simply to vote for a terrorist. This is now the McCain line. Though the Senator will not say it out loud he has given his campaign an ok for this type of strategy. You knew it was coming and they have not disappointed.

Meanwhile Joe Biden is running his mouth off about the”test” that will come the way of the next President within six months of office. He then asks for patience in our response to their response of the crisis. Joe, you probably should not remind anyone else that the guy on the top of the ticket is a bit green behind those ears of his. Still rather have our VP than theirs. For Jay Severin fans the translation is I still would rather have the them VP than the us VP.

Jay Severin and Michele McPhee are both whining about Obama today, and Bill Ayers, and Joe the plumber, and Rev Wright etc etc etc. If you prefer Senator Obama you are a commie, socialist, enemy of the state, country, planet, and you hate dogs and cats. I haven’t heard Jay’s show today and Michele’s show is hours away, but why wait to the last minute.

Speaking of Jay, how often does he have to remind his callers that they are the “best and brightest?” Wouldn’t it hold true that if these folks were really the best and brightest, they would remember? Why is their a need to constantly remind them? I wonder how best and brightest is defined in the world of "us".

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