Thursday, October 9, 2008

Decision on the Undecided

Is it me or does anybody else wonder who these "undecided" voters really are? This campaign has been going on close to two years, between primaries and general election debates McCain and Obama have been in close to thirty of them. Your still undecided? What are you looking for either of them to say that they haven't already said. One woman on TV said "they are not speaking to me" duh! My theory is they are but you are so brain dead you simply cannot follow it.

One said "they don't get specific enough" again with a large DUH! Of course not. Did you just arrive in the United States? Is this the first time you have listened to any candidate? One said he "may sit out" the election. Please do. They are not undecided, these are the same folks that take fifteen minutes to order at McDonald's. Make a decision or move away from the counter, let those of us who have been here before take a shot at this. They are not undecided, they want their few minutes on TV. Please stay home, don't vote, and go to burger king from now on.

Now, do I want fries with that or not.....

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